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Cooking Classes Chicago Il : Cooking 1 99 Guide.

Cooking Classes Chicago Il

cooking classes chicago il

    chicago il
  • Chicago ( or ) is the largest city in both Illinois and the Midwest, and the third most populous city in the United States, with over 2.8 million residents. Its metropolitan area, commonly named "Chicagoland," is the 26th most populous in the world, home to an estimated 9.

  • The process of preparing food by heating it

  • the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife"

  • (cook) prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"

  • The practice or skill of preparing food

  • Food that has been prepared in a particular way

  • (cook) someone who cooks food

  • (class) a body of students who are taught together; "early morning classes are always sleepy"

  • (class) classify: arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"

  • (class) a collection of things sharing a common attribute; "there are two classes of detergents"

  • Assign or regard as belonging to a particular category

1913 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine

1913 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine

University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1913

Photograph credited to Daguerre Studio, 218 South Wabash Ave. Chicago

as pictured, left to right, top to bottom
* indicates photographed graduate not listed in Class of 1913 in 1921 alumni record
† indicates faculty/staff

Vernanda Joshua Funderbirk MD
W. Peterson MD*
Allen Joseph Hruby
James Archibald Orbison
Raymond Lawrence Wall
Todd J. Wilson
T. A. Boger *
Gordon Lawrence McLellan
Joseph Sebastian Lundholm
Lyman Joseph Cook AB
John Charles Matthew Krasa
Eugene Andrew MacCornack
Carl Henry Golbeck
Harry Nichols
Constantine John Koursoumis
Lewis August Seymer
Mayer S. Coffler
Henry Howard Towles
Paul Swing Hageman
Philip Herman Wolfram SB
James Casper Droste AB PhB
Nathaniel Isadour Baskind

Alvah Lewis Sawyer BS
Ernest August Bredlau
Frank Erwin Brinckerhoff
Herbert Clarence Bolstad AB
Theodore David Burger
Maurice Charles Hennessy
John Maxwell
Arthur Robert Ohman
Warren Zachary Earl
J. G. Carney (there is a James Gilbert Carney listed in the class of 1914)
Clarence Vernon Smith
Christine Lukas
Marie Anna Motis (Zadek) MD
Eldora Alice Thomas BS
Albert Lee Alderson BS
Clara A. Hergert
Sheftel Jacob Elner
Marjorie Irene Cameron
Max William Trentzsch
Henry Wilson Averill MD
Charles Arthur Sima

Imas Pryor Rice
Howard Samuel Perry
Anthony Ferdinand Delfosse
Michael John Badzmierowski
William Albert Henke MD
Alvin Wilfred Laforge LLB MD

Ray Porter Kile
Harve Roy Sharpe
Daniel Nathan Eisendrath AB MD †
Twing Brooks Wiggins MD †
William Lincoln Ballenger MD †
Albert John Ochsner BS MD †
Carl Beck MD †
Adolph Gehrmann MD †
Thomas Archibald Davis MD †
Edmund Janes James PhD LLD, Pres. †
Oscar A. King MD †
Charles Spencer Williamson BS MD †
Frank Eldridge Wynekoop MS MD †
Elmer DeWitt Brothers BS LLB †
Frederick Tice MD †
Charles Clayton O’Byrne MD †
Charles Edward Humiston MD †
Adolph Mitchell Frank
Stephen Malcolm Burdon

Ralph Hueston Woods PhG
John Baptist Cipriani Jr.
John Weatherson CE MD †
John Ross Harger BS MD †
Bernard John Cigrand MS DDS †
Joseph McIntyre Patton MD †
Bernard Fantus MD †
John Lincoln Porter MD †
William Allen Pusey AM MD, V. Dean †
William Edward Quine MD LLD, Dean †
Frank Breckinridge Earle MD, Secy †
William McIntyre Harsha AB MD †
George Peter Dreyer AB PhD †
Richard Hunt Brown MD †
Lee Harrison Mettler AM MD †
Charles Davison MD †
Gregor Boris Hassin MD †
Herman Harry Bassler MD
Willis Herbert Watson

Lydie Roumajon Jesperson
Ione Fisher Beem AB
Bessie Belle Sinclair
Edward Louis Heintz PhG MD †
Ephraim Kirkpatrick Findlay MD †
Frederick George Dyas MD †
William Albert Fisher MD †
William Elliott Gamble BS MD †
John Brown Loring MRCS CM MD †
Daniel Atkinson King Steele MD LLD, Pres. of Corporation †
Channing Whitney Barrett MD †
William Fuller MD†
Warren Coleman Hawthorne BA †
Ernst Saurenhaus MD †
Haim Iddell Davis MD †
Clarence Bruce King MD †
Haroutoune Asadour Adrounie BA
Bonnell Marie Souder
Frank Cornelius Balderrey

Benjamin Anspach
John Anton Firtik
Robert A. Crawford
John Milton Berger AB MD †
William Henry Browne, Supt. †
Edward Milton Brown MD †
Lois Lindsey Wynekoop MD †
Stella May Gardner MD †
J. L. Heintz II *
Elizabeth N. Heelan, Alumni Secy. †
Rachelle S. Yarros MD †
Mary Gilruth McEwen BS MD †
Nelson Mortimer Percy MD †
Frederick Gillette Harris MD †
Frank Hetherington Kelly PhC DDS
George Alexander Wagner MD
Eugene Abraham Matison (formerly Eugene Abraham Mitzenmacher)

William Henry Hazlett
Frank Earl Browning
R. A. Ashbaugh *
Myron E. Lollar
Georgia Adell Filley
Desmond Francis McGuire
Clark William Z
Frank Joseph Kotalik

Harry Albert Myers
James Henry Bloomfield
Raymond F. Dowell
Howard Talcott Knight
Frank Erwin Brinckerhoff, Ex. Comm.
Everett Herbert Pea, Ex. Comm.
Harry Stephenson Seiwell, Ex. Comm.
Charles Warren Stigman, Ex. Comm.
Irving Francis Barnett, Ex. Comm.
Jesse Trott Grayston, Chairman Ex. Comm.
Disraeli William Kobat, Ex. Comm.
Walter Joseph Ream, Ex. Comm.
Ernest Ballard Pearson AB, Ex. Comm.
Charles Philip Lapin, Ex. Comm.
Lloyd Himebaugh Simmons, Ex. Comm.
Edward Harold Rategan
William Riley Brown
Jerome Jacob Weil
Floyd Albert Smith

Albert Goodsell Noble
Alfred Edwin Rhein MD
Sven Jespersson, Chaplain
Frank Charles McClanahan, Poet
Guy Arthur Sloan, Hist.
Francis Vincent Carberry, Rec. Secr’y.
Emery Bowers Neff, Secy.
Frank Rauch Patton, Salut.
Francis Joseph Cayley, 3rd V. Pres.
John Justin Powell BS, 2nd V. Pres.
Leigh Klumb Patton AB, Pres.
Isadore Sidney Segall, 1st V. Pres.
Drexel L. Dawson, Val.
C. A. Selby, Treas. *
James Wesley Aldridge, Sgt. at Arms
F. J. Novak Jr, Editor (there is a Frank John Novak listed in the class of 1914)
Harvey Willard Tupper, Asst. Sgt. at Arms
Rufino Abriol (formerly Rufino Abriol Santos), Artist
John Harry Luczak, Prophet
John Harvey Hansen

Samuel Stein
Samuel Clifton Fleming AB
Edward Frank Slavik
Blake Edwin Ray
William Arthur Frymire
Gwyn Forbes Haig
Chester Watson Fouser
Ray Humbert Petty
John Frank Oates
Paul Brown Welch
Frank Neill Cliff

THIS is how we do it at the restaurant

THIS is how we do it at the restaurant

"The beer can chicken device is nice, but ... every chicken we do here at the restaurant is done like this."

cooking classes chicago il

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