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Bond Girls Photo Gallery. Make A Photo Booth. Freeware Photo Morphing

Bond Girls Photo Gallery

bond girls photo gallery

    photo gallery
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    bond girls
  • A Bond girl is a character or actress portraying a love interest, or sex interest, of James Bond in a film, novel, or video game. They occasionally have names that are double entendres or puns, such as "Pussy Galore," "Plenty O'Toole," "Xenia Onatopp," and "Holly Goodhead."

Museum of Sex.

This was next door to the hotel we stayed in. On the last evening I spent in New York, Curtis (my boyfriend's little brother) said he would like to go here because it looked interesting. No-one else seemed to care about it, but I was pretty curious. I thought it'd be a nice way of bonding with Curtis.

I thought that the Museum of Sex was just an edgy name for a modern art gallery, but it was a bit more than that.

There were three exhibitions.

the first floor -- "the Sex Lives of Animals" - very in depth. It covered many different facets of sexuality inc. autoeroticism, homosexual tendencies, group sex, reproductive organs, sexual positions, behaviours which indicated jealousy, etc. There was literature, videos, drawings, photos, statues. It was very interesting, particularly the doco on bonobos chimps, which are the closest relatives to homo sapiens.

the second floor -- "Sex and the Moving Picture," or as I like to call it, "PORN" - this was when it started getting really awkward.
There were video excerpts from many diff. eras covering many diff. genres. It was interesting but it was pretty weird. I guess it was kind of a turn on and that made it weird, particularly as I was there with Curtis, but it was also weird because I am very conservative when it comes to the way sex is portrayed by the media. I felt very confronted.

Curtis and I were like "OKAY. LET'S NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!"

The third exhibition revolved around sexual paraphenalia - "tools," "toys," educational literature (both for children and for adults), costumes, art.

All in all it was a pretty intense experience but it was nice to be thrown out of my comfort zone too.

Calliope 006

Calliope 006

I have always liked everyone else's Volks dolls but I never really thought about owning one. For a while I did own a SDC Kaede but we didn't bond even though I loved her little face. I have really thought the Rozen Maiden dollfies were especially lovely with the large and expressive eyes of Suiseiseki and Souseiseki and the dark and lovely Suigintou. I have several friends that own Volks Kun and I realized I was watching their Kun girls more than ever. I had fallen for Kun but wasn't sure about actually owning one. Well, a friend was moving and selling some of her dolls for moving expenses and what did I see but her lovely Kun, Cassidy, for sale! I ended up buying her lovely Kun and feeling like I was bringing home a celebrity because her dolls have been subjects of her amazing photography and featured in articles and galleries! I brought her home and her name is Calliope. She is soft and lovely looking like my Beth, so I look forward to taking photos of them both together. Mom will be making her a gold bead necklace so she matches her sisters. For now she is keeping her winter plum eyes but instead of her nice brown default wig, she has a cute little pixie bob. I think she's lovely! Her faceup is so well done and soft and perfect for her so I need to be extra careful because I doubt I can redo it half as nice.

bond girls photo gallery

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