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Dancefloor songs. Floor plan building. Vinyl tile flooring installation.

Dancefloor Songs

dancefloor songs

  • "Dancefloor" is the third single from the North London indie group The Holloways. It debuted at #41 in the UK charts. Its title track was included in The Holloways' debut album So This is Great Britain?.

  • A short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung

  • A musical composition sestive of a song

  • (song) a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"

  • (song) the act of singing; "with a shout and a song they marched up to the gates"

  • Singing or vocal music

  • (song) a distinctive or characteristic sound; "the song of bullets was in the air"; "the song of the wind"; "the wheels sang their song as the train rocketed ahead"

dancefloor songs - Cascada: Cascada

Cascada: Cascada albums, Cascada songs, Evacuate the Dancefloor, Last Christmas, Truly Madly Deeply, What Hurts the Most, Because the Night

Cascada: Cascada albums, Cascada songs, Evacuate the Dancefloor, Last Christmas, Truly Madly Deeply, What Hurts the Most, Because the Night

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 26. Chapters: Cascada albums, Cascada songs, Evacuate the Dancefloor, Last Christmas, Truly Madly Deeply, What Hurts the Most, Because the Night, Everytime We Touch, Sk8er Boi, Just Like a Pill, Cascada discography, Perfect Day, Fever, Kids in America, A Neverending Dream, Dangerous, Pyromania, Faded, Miracle, What Do You Want from Me?, Waterfall: The Essential Dance Remix Collection, How Do You Do!, Night Nurse, Bad Boy, The Remix Album, Ready for Love, One More Night. Excerpt: "Evacuate the Dancefloor" is a song by German group Cascada from their third studio album of the same name. The song features a guest rap from German rapper Carlprit and was released as the album's lead single on 29 June 2009; debuting at number one on the UK Singles Chart for the week of 5 July 2009. It also became the act's third number-one single on the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart and second top forty hit on the US Billboard Hot 100, following 2006's "Everytime We Touch". The single entered the top five in several countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand, and was featured on Kidz Bop 18 (2010). The track was featured on the Xbox 360 Kinect video game Dance Central, as well as the television advertisements for the game. Group member Yanou and frequent collaborator Allan Eshuijs wrote the song together at a studio session, with Manuel Reuter taking care of putting the track production together. Seen as being counter-intuitive for what is a dancefloor bound song, Eshuijs told HitQuarters that he and Yanou chose the title phrase because they simply wanted to say something a bit different. Having decided the hook line should be "something-something-dancefloor", they managed to complete the phrase by Googling for "nice words and weird combinations of words". They then built the story of the song around it. Music ...

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Kelly Rowland David Guetta Commander

Kelly Rowland David Guetta Commander

Commander (feat. David Guetta)


I feel like the DJ is my bodyguard
You see the way he keeps me safe
With the treble and that bass
I feel free enough to party hard
This dress won't go to waste
Feels like I own the place
V.I.P to to be the boss
You see the way these people stare
Watching how I fling my hair
I'm a dancefloor lover
Baby there's no other
Who do it like I do it yeah

From here on out
I'll be your commander
No fear no doubt
I'll provide the answer
Right now I command you to dance
I'll be your commander
Right now I command you to dance
I'll be your commander
Right now I command you to...

I- I'll be your commander
I'll provide the asnwer

(Verse 2:)
Ain't no reason to celebrate
But you know we gon' hav a ball
Champagne spillin' from the wall
And I'll be partying til hella late
But I ain't worried not at all
I just give my driver a call yeah
(Tell him) Pick me up at 8am
No we ain't stopping right here
We'll take the party to the crib
Let's go all night baby
You won't find no lady
Who does it like I does it yeah


It's jam packed
So DJ where you at?
I know you got my back
So make that bass attack
Let's make these people move
You know I need some room, to
Do what I do, I'm bout to act a fool
Turn the lights on


I-I'll be your commander
I'll provide the answer

Dancefloor God

Dancefloor God

Cuando Offer visita la Ciudad Monstruo desde su lejano reino en el Medio Oriente sus fieles adoradores le vamos a rendir pleitesia.

Offer hechicero
Offer gran artista
Cada que te escucho yo bailo en la pista

Cada que subes a la cabina y comienzas a pinchar,
tu ritual musical doblega con sus ritmos mi ferrea voluntad

When my song touch life?s everyday
I love to see you dance the night away
Because of my love for you
My sun keeps rising

When things go changing
Searching to find a way
We get together wipe away the tears they bring
No more crying
Now i'm flying
You will never be alone

So many roads lay ahead of me
Which way I go is always scaring me
But is making me stronger
Hmmmm, believe in me
So much joy you give me everyday
When I see you dancing the stress away

I can feel it I can touch it
When I give it back to you


(Everybody dance / Deborah Cox)

dancefloor songs

dancefloor songs

Once Around the Dancefloor-40 Great Songs

Track Listing 1. The Song From Way Back Then 2. Honky Tonkin' 3. Ease The Fever 4. Blanket On The Ground 5. Love Was Once Around The Dance Floor 6. Jose Cuervo 7. I'm Gonna Be Your Woman Tonight 8. False Eyelashes 9. Irish Eyes 10. Buck Dance 11. The Big Wheel Cannonball 12. Galway Bay 13. Little Grey Home In The West 14. Carolina Moon 15. Take Me Along 16. The Gambler 17. Memories Are Made Of This 18. I Just Wanna Be A Country Girl 19. Truck Drivin' Woman 20. Flower Of Scotland 21. I Wonder Where I'll Find You At Tonight 22. One Night Of Cheating 23. A Fool Like Me 24. Every Second 25. If I Had The Right 26. Dancing Your Memory Away 27. Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (with Ray Lynam) 28. My Elusive Dreams (with Ray Lynam) 29. Sweet Baby Jane 30. Cherro Moana Marie (vocal: Liam Gibson) 31. Wildwood Flower (instrumental: Dan O'Hara, Tom Quinn) 32. What's Your Mama's Name 33. Laugh With Me (vocal: Kevin Farrelly) 34. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 35. Cinco De Mayo (instrumental: The Ramblin' Men) 36. Daddy Dumplin' 37. A Walking Piece Of Heaven (vocal: Dan O'Hara) 38. There Goes My Heart Again (vocal: Colin Klely) 39. Hello Mary Lou (vocal: Kevin McGinnity) 40. Truck Driving Sweetheart

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