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Floor drain systems. Floor plan drawing. Floating floor installation instructions

Floor Drain Systems

floor drain systems

    floor drain
  • Drainage fitting that sits flush with the floor, used in basements and showers.

  • A floor drain is a plumbing fixture that is installed in the floor of a structure, mainly designed to remove any standing water near it. They are usually round, but can also be square or rectangular. They usually range from 2 inches to 12 inches, most are 4 inches in diameter.

  • (Floor Drains) A hole or opening located on some restroom floors to allow water to drain from the floor surface into the sanitary sewer.

  • A set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular

  • (system) (physical chemistry) a sample of matter in which substances in different phases are in equilibrium; "in a static system oil cannot be replaced by water on a surface"; "a system generating hydrogen peroxide"

  • (system) a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole; "a vast system of production and distribution and consumption keep the country going"

  • A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network

  • A set of organs in the body with a common structure or function

  • (system) instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity; "he bought a new stereo system"; "the system consists of a motor and a small computer"

floor drain systems - BioMop Plus

BioMop Plus Floor & Drain Cleaner, 1 Gallon

BioMop Plus Floor & Drain Cleaner, 1 Gallon

BioMop Plus: BacterialFormulation for General Cleaning and Removal of Organic MaterialRestaurants and other food preparation facilitiesoften experience sanitation problems associated with the buildup of kitchengrease (organic waste) on floors, in drains, and under heavy equipment. Theseproblems include fruit and drain fly infestations, slippery floor surfaces, foulodors, and clogged (slow) drains. Mopping or hosing/power washing with standardfloor cleaning products does not remove grease and organic waste it onlybreaks it up pushing it into drains and under equipment where it builds up overtime.New formula BioMop Plus is specifically designed forcleaning restaurants and commercial kitchen floors, hard-to-access corners, anddrains. BioMop Plus combines patent-pending surfactants for immediatecleaning and a proprietary blend of concentrated bioenzymatic actives fordegrading the most resistant grease molecules, the long-chain fatty acids. Eachapplication of BioMop Plus removes layers of embedded soil and grease.Regular use prevents food and grease waste build-up, reduces slippery floorsurfaces, maintains a floor that is deep-clean and odor-free and reduces organicmaterial buildup in drains.BioMop Plus can be applied by mopping or hosing. To apply by hosing use theBioMop Hose End Sprayer (for smaller facilities) or the wall-mounted BioMopApplication System (for larger facilities).BioMop Plus can also be foamed with excellent results.Characteristics Bacteria Count 200 billion/gallon Salmonella/Shigella Negative Appearance Opaque Liquid Fragrance Slight Stability 2 years at 35 F to 95 FStorageand HandlingStorein cool, dry place. Avoid inhalation, wash hands after contact, and avoid eyecontact.READMORE

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Thumper's Nest

Thumper's Nest

Cranston Herd digs v2.0. The Cranston Herd is about to get its long promised renovation. The plans call for an insulated raised sub-floor complete with a new porcelain tiled floor and backsplash, full width floor drain for easy floor cleaning, a central vacuum system vented outside, finished ceiling, automatic lighting, and a ventillation fan. Details of hay storage, automatic watering (reverse osmosis), and general storage are yet to be finalised. One thing I do know, the herd's three story condos will be getting elevated onto a plinth or risers; recent back issues are making that a desirable option. The herd will be free to come and go from their condos while safely contained behind a waist (mine, not theirs) height tempered glass partition when I am not present. This sketch just allows me to plan and scheme in an appropriate scale. Details will be added to the CAD sketch on appropriate layers. Thumper does not yet have a beer fridge, but the sink is indispensible in helping to look after nine rabbits. The following summer I hope to build them a summer home. Spoiled rotten!

a smell to remember

a smell to remember

That's eh, toilet paper mostly. From the second floor bathrooms. Except instead of continuing through the sewage system, it backed up into the lab, and spread all over the floor. At times, a fountain of sewage would erupt from the floor drain.

The plumbing for the second floor bathrooms have been rerouted-- the sag in the pipe under the TEM remains, but only lab waste water flows through that stretch.

floor drain systems

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