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Can You Use Winter Tires All Year - B And R Wholesale Tire.

Can You Use Winter Tires All Year

can you use winter tires all year

The garage - finished just in time! Nov

The garage - finished just in time!  Nov

We moved into the house on Oct. 31st, before the garage was finished. Just after it was finished, in Nov., it snowed..... my first snow in my new world! The garage is big...... big enough that it can hold almost all of Jack's toys...... the tractor, the lawn tractor and cart, the boat, the truck..... but that's another set of photos.....

I have added this picture to my others here for several reasons. For one thing, it was the next thing that was put in after the house. We just made it before the first snow of winter.

The second reason is because my daughter in FL (she got me to try flickr) made a comment under this picture in my photostream. (below) She has never seen anything like this except on a calendar (doesn't seem real), or on tv or in a movie (not real), or in a magazine or on a Christmas card! I'm sure that no one really thinks about the millions of FL natives that have never traveled much and probably will never see as much snow as I've already seen. My son and I spent part of a winter in Greenville, SC when he was in his mid-teens (he's 46 now) and it did snow several times while we were there, but nothing like this...... and this was just the first snow of winter!

Of course, we never knew why all the people from "up north" always came to FL in the winter. I never understood that northerners really got tired of the winters here in NY. It always seemed to me that they would love it..... I pictured all the fun they could have, playing in the snow, ice skating, skiing, and making snowmen. Why would anyone want to leave all that behind for a few weeks or months in sunny FL. I always used to pray for it to get colder down there. NOW I understand. This last winter (07 - 08) was a little too long. I love the spring and summer up here. I have learned that very few people, even children, actually play much in the snow. They're inside, warm and happy playing video games or computer games or watching cartoons.

I have seen very few snowmen. That was one of the first things I did during my first winter...... I played in the snow. I made a great snowman. I lay down and made a snow angel. I also slipped on some ice under the snow and broke my tibia. I have not been out to play in the snow since then. But...... I digress.....

Anyway, the whole sum and substance of it is that I have something that not all people ever are able to have...... I have something that I only envisioned and dreamed of...... I made a complete change and moved to the land of my dreams. I was lucky enough to marry someone that would step off the familiar turf (he's a city guy from Philly) and take a chance on this land way out in the country and very far north of where we each were totally at home. I wish this could happen to everyone! Just break out of your mold, sell the house you lived in for 45 years (or whatever) and go to a place you've always dreamed of but just knew was impossible for you and then set up housekeeping. It comes with new friends, it erases some years of tiredness from a person, it rouses your bored brain and makes you learn a whole lot of new tricks...... altogether a great event in a life that you thought was spent already.

I can only wish the same type of experience for my two children when they have reached the age of ho-hum and ah, well..... when your get-up-and-go has gotten up and gone, give yourself a little shock treatment and get up and go somewhere new.

Welcome to Day 32........

Welcome to Day 32........

.......I tried to select something a bit calming after the day I had. This is from the mountains and a little stream through a picnic area (will post more pictures eventually). I added some effects to this as well in the editor....

I am so stressed out right now-Still have not heard from Jesse, but checked our verizon bill, to find out he is ignoring me on purpose, but yet can text all his loser friends. I didn't do anything to him, so he has no reason whatsoever to be acting like such a dick yet again....

.....then work; they are trying to screw me out of the money I should be getting now that I have been done with classes for almost 3 months. It's simple, I don't get my salary increase as promised, then they don't get their 5 years. Also, they are refusing to give me a new contract. I am taking it to the board now, since I am pissed off, fighting for 3 months and still not getting what I deserve. The guy I work with needs to go fall off a cliff. He is disrespectful and thinks he is better than me. He is the favorite and everything he sests we do-I get degraded and treated like I am a student, and anything I sests I get looked at like I have 3 heads-given I have worked at the district for over 2 years and have more experience than this bozo. I used to love my job, and yes I still love what I do, but working with him, and my supervisor not willing to help the problem, in addition to the salary increase, I can honestly say I hate my job. It takes everything I have in me to get through the day without crying, with having to not flip out on him, to get through my work and help the children, the main reason why I do what I do. I am not there for the money (which sucks by the way), the drama, or any of the other shit I have had to put up with this year-I am there because I advocate for children, and will fight for them, even if I am alone and disagree with what everyone else thinks. If I could go to another district I would be a much happier person. I want to be valued as a person, and treated with the same respect they treat some new asshole fresh out of college, and I want to be paid what the hell I am worth after 8 years of a college education that has gotten me no where.

One would think your boyfriend would be supportive of you, would care what is going on in your life, and would make sure you are alright, after knowing what is going on; yet I don't even get a oh is there anything I can do, don't worry you have me, we'll get through this. Instead I have someone who is selfish and could careless about me, as he has shown this week.

I am off to bed; I have tossed and turned the last 3 nights, and have probably only gotten about 6 hours sleep total between all 3 nights. Tonight won't be any different. Jesse knows damn well too that when I am upset with him I won't sleep, no matter how tired I am. So yet again, I can't understand why he would want to add to what already is a disaster....

can you use winter tires all year

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