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Discount Fridge Freezers

discount fridge freezers

Film collection

Film collection

Unfortunately the time has come for me to empty my fridge to move out of the dorms for summer, in the past this was not a problem, since I didn't have any film in the fridge. But this is only for 2 months, so when I come back the box of film will be the first thing I'll take out of my climate-controlled storage unit.

Funny but most of that Kodachrome was purchased for really cheap this year, I can develop it in BW chemicals, but also I can use a few of the canisters to respool some EPR (Ektachrome 64) I have in my freezer and use it with my DX-only camera. KR stil pops up on ebay for anywhere between $1/roll to $20+/roll, so I'll probably still get a few more later.

Missing is a 100' roll of Kodak EPR slide film and a half-full Pro-Pack of Provia 100F (RDPIII) that also has assorted film inside, a roll of E100VS and a pack of Lomography Redscale 100, all of which are still in the freezer. The Provia and the EPR are probably the last things I will take out of the freezer (I still got almost 2 weeks in here)

The condensed contents
-Kodachrome 64 - 27ish
-Ektachrome E100G - 4
-Ektachrome E100S - 4
-Ektachrome 160T - 3
-Ektachrome 64T EPY - 8
-Ektachrome P1600 - 4
-Ektachrome 400x - 5
-Ektachrome 100 Lumiere - 4 or 5
-Elite Chrome 100 - 7
-Provia 100F RDP III - 5
-Plus-X Pan 125 - 5
-Ilford HP5 Plus - 8
-Fomapan 200 - 1
-Kodak BW400CN - 1

Final count: Don't want to know. And the problem is that I will probably order some more HP5 tomorrow so I can still get those heavily-discounted 2 packs and some cheap Arista/LegacyPro film, which Freestyle has for really cheap right now (close out and short dated).

I'll pack a few rolls to take home and test a Bolsey rangefinder (circa 1955-60) that my dad has on display in the dining room, or I might get some non-DX coded film and try that, probably some low speed stuff. That Bolsey has a guide for selecting speeds based on film available back then, I believe it has Ilford HP3 or FP3, Kodachrome-X (ASA 25 or something like that) and a bunch of films that has ISOs lower than 50 and were available back in the days (maybe Panatomic-X is also listed)



I bought a discounted multipack of cola cans.

They were placed on the top shelf of the fridge...

Too close to the freezer apparently.

discount fridge freezers

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