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Convex Decorative Mirrors : Tuscan Style Home Decorating : Decorative Window Vinyl

Convex Decorative Mirrors

convex decorative mirrors

  • Serving to make something look more attractive; ornamental

  • Relating to decoration

  • (decoratively) in a decorative manner; "used decoratively at Christmas"

  • (decorativeness) an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive

  • cosmetic: serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"

  • (mirror) polished surface that forms images by reflecting light

  • Correspond to

  • Keep a copy of some or all of the contents of (a network site) at another site, typically in order to improve accessibility

  • (of a reflective surface) Show a reflection of

  • (mirror) a faithful depiction or reflection; "the best mirror is an old friend"

  • (mirror) reflect as if in a mirror; "The smallest pond at night mirrors the firmament above"

  • (convexness) convexity: the property possessed by a convex shape

  • Having an outline or surface curved like the exterior of a circle or sphere

  • curving or bulging outward

  • (of a polygon) Having only interior angles measuring less than 180°

  • In mathematics, a real-valued function defined on an interval (or on any convex subset of some vector space) is called convex, concave upwards, concave up or convex cup, if for any two points and in its domain X and any ,

convex decorative mirrors - Dorian 24

Dorian 24 Convex Wall Mirror Color: Rosewood

Dorian 24 Convex Wall Mirror Color: Rosewood

Dorian 24xR Color: Rosewood Wall mirror shown in Black Grain This decorative wall mirror is the answer for the creative decorator looking for that exceptional addition to their interior style. The unique reflection from the Dorian 24 convex mirror is able to provide an inclusive feeling, making any room feel richer and warmer. Choose from six different finishes to match this mirror with your existing color scheme. Features: -Available finishes: black grain, bone white, harvest bronze, pewter, rosewood, and antique gold. -Mirror Dimensions: 18'' Diameter. -Overall Dimensions: 24'' Diameter. As seen in Vogue Living

76% (19)



msh march 08

A witch ball is a hollow sphere of plain or stained glass hung in cottage windows in 18th century England to ward off evil spirits, witch's spells or ill fortune. Later, they were often posted on top of a vase or suspended by a cord (as from the mantelpiece or rafters) for a decorative effect. Witch balls appeared in America in the 19th century and are often found in gardens under the name "gazing ball". However, "gazing balls" contain no strands within their interior.

According to folk tales, witch balls would entice evil spirits with their bright colours; the strands inside the ball would then capture the spirit and prevent it from escaping.

Witch balls sometimes measure as large as 7 inches (18 cm) in diameter. The witch ball is traditionally, but not always, green or blue in color and made from glass (others, however, are made of wood, grass, or twigs instead of glass). Some are decorated in enameled swirls and brilliant stripes of various colors. The gazing balls found in many of today's gardens are derived from the silvered witch balls that acted as convex mirrors, warding off evil by reflecting it away.

An example of a blue witchballBecause they look similar to the glass balls used on fishing nets, witch balls are often associated with sea superstitions and legends. In the Ozark Mountains, a witch ball is made from black hair that is rolled with beeswax into a hard round pellet about the size of a marble and is used in curses. In Ozark folklore, a witch that wants to kill someone will take this hair ball and throw it at the intended victim; it is said that when someone in the Ozarks is killed by a witch's curse, this witch ball is found near the body.

The modern Christmas ornament ball is descended from the witch ball. According to an ancient tale, the ornament was originally placed on the tree to dispel a visitor’s envy at the presents left beneath the tree.

The word witch ball was probably a corruption of watch ball because it was used as a guard of evil spirits.



32" x 44" - stained glass, vitreous tile, mirror, glass gems, crystal, semi precious beads, hand formed tiles, polymer; charcoal sanded grout

This is my first major mosaic. I worked on it for countless hours and had to grout it 2 times to get the right color. I'm (semi) pleased with the result, but learned a lot of lessons from this that I will use on future projects.

convex decorative mirrors

convex decorative mirrors

Cruyf Decorative Convex Mirror Color: Flat Black

CR29FB Color: Flat Black Pictured in Harvest Bronze Features: -Decorative convex mirror. -Cruyf collection. -Available in Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White, Flat Black, Harvest Bronze or Pewter colors. -Acrylic construction. -Transitional style. -Can be used for residential and commercial interiors. -Reflects 145 degree visual panorama. -Objects are rendered smaller and slimmer as a function of the outward curve. -Geometrically perfect and distortion free. -Comes with cleaning kit, mirror care information and hanger. -Made in Canada.

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