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Plastic repair filler - Repair manual mitsubishi - Home repair programs.

Plastic Repair Filler

plastic repair filler

    plastic repair
  • A repair to the stonework using a polymer mixture applied to renew the finished surface of a render.

  • When a decayed stone is cut back to the solid stone, and then void is the infilled with a mixture of lime, sand and crushed stone.

  • copy to fill space between more important articles in the layout of a magazine or newspaper

  • 100 filler equal 1 forint in Hungary

  • A monetary unit of Hungary, equal to one hundredth of a forint

  • used for filling cracks or holes in a surface

Ami 8 : today's breakdown

Ami 8 : today's breakdown

Not for nothing is this car call the Green Pig.

There is a thin breather fuel line that runs alongside the fuel filler pipe. This line is metal where it exits the tank and stiffish plastic where it runs up to the fuel filler cap. The two are joined together between A & B by a short piece of approx 15mm inside diameter flexible pipe. Over the past thirty odd years this had rotted a bit and let go last night. I expect the recent deep freezes took their toll.

As the car was parked overnight on a steep slope with the rear right hand wheel lowest of all there was a steady drip drip drip all night with a full tank.

Interim repair made this morning ( didn't have any right size fuel line to hand) and it's 'on the list'.

Not sure if this is the same for all A-series Citroen's or just the Ami but it's worth a check if yours is an old-un.

To be fair it was more a failure to proceed than a full flung breakdown; the only real inconvenience was we were all set to crack on with pruning the apple trees.




I've searched ebay for replacement wheel centres in the correct size for these rims, but found nothing in the right size.

Being a creative kind of guy, and having time to kill while the paint was drying on the rear wing repair, I thought I'd try and knock a replacement together from things I had lying around.

In true 'Blue Peter' fashion (you need to be from the UK to understand that one!), you will need to gather together:
- one rattle can lid
- a handful of plasticine modelling clay
- one original wheel centre
- one flat piece of steel sheet
- some body filler
- silver paint
- one mig welder
(You could use an empty washing-up liquid bottle instead of the rattle can lid. You won't need any sticky-back plastic for this project though!).

First of all, push the plasticine into the rattle can lid until it sits just proud of the rim. Firmly push the original wheel centre into the plasticine, then carefully remove it. You now have your mould...

plastic repair filler

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