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Green Baja Mini Bike. Mountain Bike Guided Tours.

Green Baja Mini Bike

green baja mini bike

    mini bike
  • (Mini bikes) Very small bikes designed to be simple and fun for children. Generally they have no clutch or shifting to simplify operation. Also known as Mini Motos. Not street-legal in most countries and jurisdictions. May be used for racing by all age levels.

  • A minibike, sometimes called a mini moto or pocketbike, is a miniature motorcycle. Most traditional minibikes use a two stroke engine to turn the rear wheel via a chain.

  • [British] a small-wheel bicycle; [American] a small moped; [Japanese] a moped.

  • Green foliage or growing plants

  • of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum; similar to the color of fresh grass; "a green tree"; "green fields"; "green paint"

  • concerned with or supporting or in conformity with the political principles of the Green Party

  • Green color or pigment

  • Green clothes or material

  • turn or become green; "The trees are greening"

  • A Beetle sedan, typically with fiberglass fenders and a hood, that has been modified for off-road usage.  Front and rear aprons are usually cut to accommodate the replacement front end and to increase engine access in the rear.

  • Baja is a city in , southern Hungary. It is the second largest city in the county, after the county seat at Kecskemet, and is home to around 37,000 people.

  • pasha, Turkish officer or governor of high rank. From Arabic basha ultimately from Turkish pasha of the same meaning.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Neatly planted rows of green tea at the famous Boseong Plantation, South Korea.

Green tea leaves are divided into categories based on when the leaves are picked, the first leaves are picked in the middle of the third lunar month (sometime in April) are called Ujeon. The second harvest of leaves picked is called Gogu, followed by Sejak and Jungjak. Ujeon is considered the highest quality amongst the types of green tea and the most fragrant. The drinking of green tea is reputed to have major health benefits...



This was a bad idea, I got green powder paint everywhere! Oh my its all on my walls, on the carpet. Very messy.

But i was hoping to do a mini series of colour with different powder paints, but because it's so messy I'm having second thoughts! lol it even went up my nose which was a horrible feeling :P

green baja mini bike

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