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Tubular bicycle rims. Dirt bike apparel for kids

Tubular Bicycle Rims

tubular bicycle rims

    bicycle rims
  • (Bicycle Rim) A metal or composite ring that is part of the bike wheel and on which the hub with the spokes are attached.

  • Made from a tube or tubes

  • (of a wave) Hollow and well curved

  • constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids)

  • (Tubulars (people)) The Tubulars were one of the northern Altay peoples in Russia. They lived along the tributaries of the Katun River and the Biya River. They are closely related to the Tofalars.

  • Long, round, and hollow like a tube

  • Superleggera is an automobile construction technology used in Italy from the middle of the 20th century. The name means "super light" in Italian, and was coined in 1937 by the Italian coachbuilder, Carrozzeria Touring.

Super Champion Arc en Ciel bicycle rim

Super Champion   Arc en Ciel   bicycle rim

This rim for tubular tires probably dates from the early 1970s. This was a solitary rim which I had found in a local bike shop. Although the rainbow decal looks a bit rough, this rim was unused and any scrapes are just from many years of shop wear during storage. A nice quality polished aluminum rim with a narrow width (20.5 mm.) and a shallow profile height (11.75 mm.). Metal ferrules fully enclose the spoke hole openings at the rear and I believe those are stainless steel grommets finishing the holes. Smooth braking track (no dimples on this model) and 36 spoke holes. 350 grams. This was a premium road racing rim but not the lightest Super Champion model. It might compare to a Mavic "Montlhery" (a bit lighter than the Standard model and heavier than the Pro or Extra Legere versions of that model).

Fiammi Red label tubular rims

Fiammi   Red label tubular rims

Because of my local reputation as a sucker for odd old bike bits, I was tipped off that a local shop owner would just love to unload these old rims on me - Cheaply! How could I resist such an invitation?

These still have some spoke nipples stuck inside the deep eyelet sockets, embedded in ancient dried on tire cement. They should clean up nicely.


tubular bicycle rims

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