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Bike racks for pickup trucks : Carbon hybrid bike : Trek 5200 carbon road bike

Bike Racks For Pickup Trucks

bike racks for pickup trucks

    pickup trucks
  • (pickup truck) pickup: a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard

  • (Pickup truck (Camionnette)) A light motorized vehicle with an enclosed cab that usually accommodates two to three occupants and, in the rear, has an open bed with low sides designed to carry cargo.

    bike racks
  • (Bike Rack) The stand that holds bicycles in place in the transition area so a competitor can quickly get on his / her bike.

bike racks for pickup trucks - Saris Kool

Saris Kool 2-Bike Truck Bed Mount Rack

Saris Kool 2-Bike Truck Bed Mount Rack

Secure cargo or haul your bikes with the Kool Rack. It's hydraulic pump with pressure-limiting value protects your truck bed walls while pivoting feet and rubber pads grip surface.

What to do if you have a truck, and don't want to just toss your mountain bike in back to bounce around scratching your bed and damaging your handle grips and pedals? Check out the Save-A-Load bar, Kool two-bike rack from Saris. Designed to carry two bikes with quick release skewer levers on fork blocks that can be mounted forward, up or back to keep the each bike's handlebars from clanging into one another. It can also be used to secure whatever you're hauling, and the Save-A-Load bar fits truck beds from 50 to 74 inches.
The rubber grip pads will adhere to metal surfaces or bed-liners with friction seated feet that swivel to contour to truck bed walls, and snug with a hydraulic pump with a pressure-release valve that keeps the grip pads from denting your truck sides. Just use your bike's quick release to strip off your front tire, place the forks in the blocks, tighten them down, and you're gone.

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I am driving on IH-8 in Southern Arizona and my valve stem on my front left tire breaks, I jerk sligtly to the left and go in the deep gravel on the side of the road. This causes me to lose even more control and I swerve right and swerve back to the left and then back to right and this swerve is unrecoverable. I run off the right side of the road and off a small embankment. I see the side of the road and all the desert vegitation and barbed wire fence rushing towards me and I come to a stop 8 feet from the fence. The car is not running anymore and I open the door and hear a loud hissing. I swear beacause I thought I craked the radiator. I turn the key and the car starts without problem and I am very releived. The hissing was the air rushing out of my tire. I hear footsteps getting louder. I look to see what seemed to be a crowd of people in that desolate place running towards my landing strip. I start to back up and I look in my rearview and notice my two bikes are not there on my trunk mounted rack. I get out and run behind the car and see that my bike are half way underneath the car. A man with a mustache shouts that he will move the bikes while I move forward and that I need to hurry up and get out of the dirt before my tire goes completely flat. I go forward and a couple people pull my bikes out of the way and I back up back towards the interstate. I park the two left tires just on the asphalt and the rest of the car on the gravel and dirt shoulder. I get out hear the last bit of air leaving the tire. I look around and I am counting how many people stopped. I never finished counting. They ask if I am alright. A man who was driving an 18-wheeler says he was glad I went off the road because I was right in front of him and his heavy load would of prevented him from hitting me probably. A DPS officer is also there and ask if I want to file anything for insurance. I look at the damage and know that it wouldn't be more than my deductable. I thank everyone and say I could handle it from here. I have changed many tires before and I thought it would be simple. I unload all my baggage from the trunk and remove the wood over the spare tire. I see a plastic round object that holds the tire to the frame. I try to turn it and it won't budge. After working for a while trying to loose the tire I start beating the plastic oblect with the tire iron. I break enough to see metal and I realize that beating it was a mistake, so I keep on beating it, knowing not what else I should do. I finally break off enough plastic to see a bolt head. I get my leatherman to try to rotate it. It budges a little bit and then no more. I realize I need a socket set or a good set of locking plyers. I sit and think for a while. Maybe write "I need a socket set" on something to show all the traffic passing by. I finally decide to call 911. I tell the dispatcher my situation and ask if any of the DPS officers carry socket sets. She transfers me to someone who can help me. They tell me that the officers do not carry socket sets or tools. I couldn't understand this, you can fix so many things with a socket set. The lady on the phone is giving me numbers to nearby repair shops and towing. Then a man in an early 90's chevy pickup truck pulls up. I tell the lady I think I will be alright, then man in the chevy looks like a man who carrys tools. I tell him what happened and what I need. He says he has a set and looks and comes back and says some reason he took it out of the truck. He looks at the bolt and goes to his truck. He hands me a large se tof plyers. I grip the bolt head and turn. Even with these big plyers it is very hard. I finally get it off and it turns out that the bolt was rusted to the frame. I thank the man for his help and he drives off. I put the spare on with no problem and pack the car back up. I have to drive about 80 miles before I can find a shop to fix the tire. It turns out that the only damage was the tire. The place I went off the road probably made me drop about 3 feet and slide sideways thorugh the dirt. Somehow though, my bike rack, which goes under my spoiler, came off and popped the spoiler off, bent part of the trunk where it was attached, and busted a tail light. Right before I drove off I started laughing 2 hours after I went off the road.

Collectable Camping Unit

Collectable Camping Unit

I came across this neat old camping unit recently... The elderly owner was out back doing yard chores so we chatted for awhile... He is the original owner of this 1971 GMC Custom Camper (400 engine, stronger springs, long pickup box - only in 1971) as well as being the original owner of the 1971 Scamper truck camper (covered up to protect against some water leakage)... The truck has only been used for with the camper and has low mileage because of that... I tried, but he wouldn't pose with the truck...

And the truck and camper are for sale, and, NO, I don't have enough money to buy it... [waah!] He is selling it because he hasn't used it in eight years now...

bike racks for pickup trucks

bike racks for pickup trucks

Pickup Trucks (Motorbooks Classics)

From the Model T and classic step-sides through today's wildly popular light-duty haulers, this spectacular tribute chronicles all makes, sizes, and vintages of American pickups. Modern color and rare archival photography features beauties from the likes of Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge, as well as less frequently seen gems from makers such as International, Diamond T, Reo, Mack, Studebaker, and Crosley. Most of the trucks shown are restored to showroom condition, but there are also several examples of customs, hot rods and even monster trucks.

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