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Endurance B2u Manual Upright Exercise Bike. Dirt Bike Trail Riding.

Endurance B2u Manual Upright Exercise Bike

endurance b2u manual upright exercise bike

    exercise bike
  • A piece of exercise equipment having handlebars, pedals, and a saddle like a bicycle, on which the user replicates the movements of bicycling

  • an exercise device resembling a stationary bike

  • An exercise bicycle or bike, or stationary bicycle, or Exercycle is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation.

  • The capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear

  • Endurance (also called sufferance) is the ability for an animal to exert itself for a long period of time. In humans, it is usually used in aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

  • The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way

  • the power to withstand hardship or stress; "the marathon tests a runner's endurance"

  • survival: a state of surviving; remaining alive

  • A post or rod fixed vertically, esp. as a structural support

  • The vertical posts extending up from the goal post, between which a field goal must pass to score

  • An upright piano

  • in a vertical position; not sloping; "an upright post"

  • a piano with a vertical sounding board

  • a vertical structural member as a post or stake; "the ball sailed between the uprights"

  • Of or done with the hands

  • (of a machine or device) Worked by hand, not automatically or electronically

  • of or relating to the hands; "manual dexterity"

  • manual of arms: (military) a prescribed drill in handling a rifle

  • Using or working with the hands

  • a small handbook

endurance b2u manual upright exercise bike - Body-Solid Endurance

Body-Solid Endurance Manual Upright Bike B2U

Body-Solid Endurance Manual Upright Bike B2U

This bike features a user-friendly console with a large, easy-to-read display and contact heart rate monitor. It has 15 tension levels of smooth consistent magnetic resistance to challenge any user and over-sized Dura-Firm seat padding. Its front transport wheels allow you to roll the bike easily. Durable Construction Built to last a lifetime, this endurance bike could easily be the only one you ever need. Its durable steel construction meets commercial industry standards, it also features a quality aluminum seat rail and durable caster wheels. MPN - B2U

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Photographed on 28 May 1978 at Chatham
Formerly a Danish vessel, the Anita Dan, built in 1956 by Grogerwerft for the Lauritzen Lines, she was the first Royal Navy vessel named Endurance. Acquired by the Royal Navy in 1967, she was converted by Harland & Wolff and renamed.
The vessel maintained a British presence in Antarctica and the Falkland Islands during the summer months. She also supported the British Antarctic Survey. Due to her bright red hull she was nicknamed The Red Plum. The Royal Navy intended to decommission the vessel in 1982, following the defence review of John Nott, but the Falklands War intervened
Toward the end of her life she acquired the nickname HMS Encumbrance due to reliability problems.
In 1989 she struck an iceberg and although she was repaired, a survey in 1991 declared that the hull was not sound enough for a return to Antarctica and she was finally decommissioned. She was replaced by the MV Polar Circle, later renamed HMS Endurance.



The Royal Navy icebreaker HMS Endurance (1967) in Portsmouth Harbour.
Date 29 August 1988
Photographer: 1988 K. Krallis, SV1XV : Photo free to share under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

endurance b2u manual upright exercise bike

endurance b2u manual upright exercise bike

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

'Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew make today's hightech adventurers look like dilettantes. Their interminable voyage across frozen land and open sea is one of the most harrowing survival stories of all time.' Sebastian Junger, author of the bestselling The Perfect Storm. In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton and a crew of 27 men set sail for the South Atlantic on board the Endurance. The object of the expedition was to cross the Antarctic overland. In October 1915, still half a continent away from their intended base, the ship was trapped, then crushed in ice. For seventeen months Shackleton and his men, drifting on ice packs and then on the stormiest seas on the globe, were castaways in this most savage region of the world. Frank Hurley, the photographer of the expedition, documented their strles, miraculously saving his negatives and photographs from destruction at each stage of their journey. His photographs illustrate the dramatic, terrible beauty of the lands with which they were contending. They also provide an unsurpassable insight into the extraordinary spirit of Shackleton and his crew, and their extraordinary indefatigability and lasting civility towards one another in the most adverse conditions. Lansing's gripping narrative, based on firsthand accounts of crew members and interviews with survivors, vividly describes how the men lived together in camps on the ice until they reached land, how they were attacked by sea leopards, ate sea lion and polar bear, developed frostbite (an operation to amputate the foot of one member of the crew was carried out on the ice), and finally embarked on a 850-mile voyage in a 22-foot open lifeboat to find help.

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