Blood On The Dance Floor Song List

blood on the dance floor song list

    dance floor
  • Denoting a recording or type of music particularly popular as an accompaniment to dancing

  • Dance Floor (foaled 1989 in New Jersey) is a retired American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was bred by William Purdey at his Greenfields Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Out of the mare, Dance Troupe, a granddaughter of U.S.

  • An area of uncarpeted floor, typically in a nightclub or restaurant, reserved for dancing

  • "Dance Floor, Part 1" is a 1982 single by the Dayton, Ohio-based, funk group, Zapp. The song spent two weeks at number one on the R&B in mid-1982, but failed to make the Hot 100. . The single was known for the use of a talk box, which became popular in the 1980s.

  • a bare floor polished for dancing

    on the
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our maknea such a cute boy =~p=p~ [bouns] ! tr? tag nč :((:(( Seo k fav z? h?t z?i :-? :-<

our maknea such a cute boy =~p=p~ [bouns] ! tr? tag nč :((:(( Seo k fav z? h?t z?i :-? :-<

k nh?n dk k?i khi th?y t?m nai =))=))

1.List nh?c g?m it nh?t 30 bai.
2. D?t may nghe nh?c/chuong trinh nghe nh?c c?a b?n ? ch? d? Ng?u nhien (shuffle/random).
3. V?i m?i cau h?i, ?n next song d? bi?t cau tr? l?i.
4. B?t bu?c ph?i vi?t ten bai hat du no ngu si nhu th? nao di n?a so v?i cau h?i.
5. Tag them 10 n?n nhan.

yeah !! rock time =))

1.N?u ai do nh?n xet r?ng "B?n r?t ?n!" b?n s? noi:
CRY-MBLAQ [omo =))=)) !! h.p wa ma !! dk ngui taz khen =))

2.B?n s? t? gi?i thi?u nhu th? nao v? b?n than?
JUST A FEELING - TEA YEANG :):)) k?m nh?n kon ng?i toi di =))

3. B?n thich di?u gi ? 1 chang trai/co gai?
I.D.G.A.F :)) i dont give a fuck - BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR :)):)) !! 3 ch?m wa :)):))

4. Hom nay b?n c?m th?y nhu th? nao?
ALL THE SMALL THING-JEDWARD ( tao h?n ng?i ra de toan :((:((

5. M?c dich s?ng c?a b?n?
CAUGHT ME SLIPPNG-NATHAN FT FLORIDA :)):)) !! z?i ch?k lu?t :)) di ban van tru?t =))

6.Phuong cham c?a b?n?
MISS INDEPENDENT-NE YO !! kaka t? l?p :)):)) ch?k la k dk gou z? shan kha nhog nh?o =))

7.B?n be nghi gi v? b?n?
GOING CRAZY- SONG JU ENU omo kai may ipod no f?n m?h =))

8. B? m? b?n nghi gi v? b?n?
PLAY WITH FIRE - N DUBZ :((:(( z?i la seo :((

9.D?o nay b?n hay nghi d?n chuy?n gi?
SHOCK-BEAST :)):)) haha

10.Cau chuy?n cu?c d?i b?n ?
LOLLIPOP-BIGBANG ft 2NE1 :)) co gai ban k?o b?t h?nh :)):))

11.Khi l?n len b?n mu?n lam gi?
BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER - BIGBANG ( di ban ru?u l?u=))

12.B?n nghi gi khi nhin th?y ngu?i b?n thich ?
BREATH UR LOVE - DARIN ft KAT DELUNA :[ e nh? a po ak =))))

13.B?n s? hat bai gi trong dam cu?i?
I DID WRONG - 2AM =)))))))))) z?g di z?t p? ng?i taz wa =))=))

14.Trong dam ma c?a b?n, ngu?i ta s? hat bai gi?
MY HEAVEN - BIGBANG :)):)) !! nay h m?i dk 1 kau dang hoang =))

15.S? thich c?a b?n?
SAY OK -VANESSA HUDGENS =))=)) pa poi noi s? m?h d?i zai vs tin ng?i =))

16. Bi m?t l?n nh?t c?a b?n?
NU ABO- Fx :):)) kho hiu :-?

17.N?i s? l?n nh?t c?a b?n?
HEAR ME NOW - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD :)):)) keke !! y la m?h thik noi nham =))

18.Di?u b?n mu?n ngay luc nay?
KEEP UR HEAD DOWN - HOMIN =))=)) mun di b? d?u ng?i khak muahahahahahah

19. B?n nghi gi v? nh?ng ngu?i b?n c?a minh?
THANKS TO ( PO ft X?P) hah :">:"> kau nai hay wa :X::X:X: iu h?t B2UTY :">

20.N?u b?n nuoi m?t con cho , ten no s? la?
BEAUTIFUL-AKON :)) ten sang tr?g nhi :))):))

21.B? phim yeu thich?
SPEACIAL - B2ST :)) th?t ti?k la fim nay chua chi?u =))

22. Hanh d?ng dien nh?t v?a lam?
TAKE IT OFF - KESHA [ k?i d? ch?y dong dong trog b?h zi?n =)) hhahaha

23.Nh?c cong s? choi bai gi trong tang l? c?a b?n?
FREZZE -B2ST :)):)) !! mog la k co ngay nai bao h :))

24.Di?u gi khi?n b?n cu?i?
CLUB CANT HANDLE ME-FLO RIDA =)) m?h la bad girl =))

25.Di?u gi khi?n b?n khoc?
TRAI TIM TAN V?-BIG DADDY :)):)) !! ma ch? ko khok bao h !! m?h m? =))

26.B?n da k?t hon chua?
WHAT IF - DARIN :)):)) niu toi vs po ;a zk ck thi seo :)):))

27.Di?u gi lam b?n s? nh?t?

28.Co ai thich b?n khong?
BLAH BLAH BLAH- KESHA =)) nhiu l?m :))

29. N?u du?c quay ngu?c th?i gian, b?n s? thay d?i di?u gi?
PRAY - JUSTIN BIEBER :)):)) k?u nguy?n po la ng?i vn !! ? nka k? ben m?h =))

30.Ngay luc nay di?u gi lam b?n t?n thuong?
CANT LET YOU GO EVEN IM DEAD-2AM 1:)):)) m?i rapper po thou :)) shan chug thuy l?m =))))))))))))))))
Done !!! m?t wa ~.~
keke !! k tag ai h?t =)) !! tra choa h?t n? thou :">:">
bousn ?nh d?c d?y =))=)) !!

Lunar Eclipse VOL. Kid Cudi aka Man on the Moon

Lunar Eclipse VOL. Kid Cudi aka Man on the Moon

I've got my EYE on the MOON, I know you're there...Damn DECEPTICONS!

Stayed outside to get a capture of the lunar eclipse...

3 a.m. Eastcoast time a few days short of Christmas = Nut SHRIVELING Cold!

Fine, I admit, the moon was mostly red. But man, this is so much better! Has a little bit of a "Boom" factor to it, lol. Can never go wrong with purple!

I left a good amount of GRAIN on the MOON, gives it more texture and a less FAKE look and feel.

(btw, CROPPED really tightly)

blood on the dance floor song list

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