Non slip floor products - Interlocking rubber gym flooring.

Non Slip Floor Products

non slip floor products

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non slip floor products - Cleartex UltiMat

Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Mat for Hard Floors, Clear, 47 x 35 Inches (128920ERA)

Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Anti-Slip Mat for Hard Floors, Clear, 47 x 35 Inches (128920ERA)

Cleartex is the brand name for transparent, crystal clear floor protection mats in Original Floortex Polycarbonate. Cleartex mats will allow the beauty of your natural wood floors to shine through, and will protect your carpeted areas from wear and tear. Flooring can be expensive - in those areas where there is heavy foot traffic, chair movement or risk of spillage, a relatively small investment in a high quality Cleartex mat will help protect your carpet, wood or laminated hard floors from damage, reduce cleaning costs and increasing their lifespan. Cleartex mats are versatile, easy to move and clean, making them perfect for a wide variety of uses. They are ideal for all areas of the office and home. A wide range of shapes provide floor saving solutions for desk areas, reception areas, high foot traffic hallways, waste bin areas and a great deal more. Polycarbonate mats are extremely durable, made from non-toxic materials that are 100% recyclable. These mats are fire-resistant, odorless and easy to clean. Guaranteed not to crack, curl or yellow! Combined with the mat's durability and appearance, this makes a Cleartex mat a flexible and long-lasting floor protection solution.

77% (10)

A Cold Day In Hell

A Cold Day In Hell

Two years ago, originally intended as simply an interesting shot with minimum commentary, I was satisfied to offer this image in minimal fashion. Time has, however, expanded my view through experience, and so I now feel compelled to offer a full dose of well-deserved commentary.

March 2008,

Our employer erected this so-called “security” barrier at the perimeter of our outdoor patio area. This building, now a factory, was once a “Builders Supply” store and this patio area was that store’s garden center. Surrounded on three sides by the building walls and covered with a steel roof, this one side was open to the world beyond. Prior to the erection of this 10-foot high fence, we were free to step out into the sun, on sunny days, or not, as we chose, during breaks and lunch. Given that the factory portion of the building has no windows what-so-ever for fresh air or natural light, the intermittent connection to the outside world was refreshing, invigorating, a brief respite from the noisy, artificial environment of the factory proper.

But, no more. These bars stand tall and firm. There is no gate,, and no escape,, until you've completed your sentence of eight.

In the factory we are about four hundred strong. During our breaks and lunch, this limited space fills up quickly with bodies pressed in close, everyone trying to speak at once, and the din of voices is so loud you can scarcely hear your own. There is no sense of peace or escape from the turmoil of the factory.

Every morning, during first break only, a chow truck arrives and the chow man has to pass food through the bars like feeding animals in a zoo or offering treats to inmates in a prison. A large unruly crowd of bodies, crushes against the fence, everyone yelling and thrusting out money, all at the same time, trying to get the chow man’s attention, place their order, get their food or drinks or smokes,,, It seems at times that these people have been reduced to animals.

It may be argued that this barrier keeps unwanted persons out, somehow helping to ensure our collective safety. A convenient point this is, but that is all it is, for we who labor within the factory walls have the advantage of the greater truth. We see with our own eyes and understand without doubt or hesitation that the force which employs us, is not concerned with our safety, nor our comfort, nor our health.

We have four tiny sinks to serve four hundred souls and 16 bathroom stalls that may be used by male and female alike. A man may enter a stall in which a woman has just discarded her used feminine products, the smell of this hanging heavy in the air. Each stall has a ceiling fan,,, that never runs. A woman may enter a stall in which a man has just urinated on the seat, but might not notice this fact until she has seated herself.

Those four tiny sinks are plumbed for both hot and cold water, but even in winter, no hot water runs through the pipes. There are but two soap dispensers and two paper towel dispensers,,, for a factory of four hundred souls. Frequently, the soap dispensers are empty and the towels are all gone. Consequently, many have become discouraged from washing hands,,, indeed, given the short length of time for breaks and the sheer number of workers, there simply is not enough time or space for the luxury of maintaining cleanliness.

And all throughout the factory, access to fire extinguishers is routinely blocked by pallets and boxes and large heavy carts. A forklift driver barrels along, passing inches from people and items that would be sent flying if ever the unthinkable happened. Managers zip back and forth on motorized mini-bikes, sometimes narrowly avoiding collisions with workers. Pieces of waxed paper and a film of fine-grained dust are an ever-present slip hazard on the smooth concrete floor. Unmarked electrical conduit crosses walking/working paths, a constant trip hazard for all. 500 pound spreading machines fly along twenty yard tables, over hanging the table a foot or more on each side,,, their operating areas not delineated by painted lines on the floor, warning signs, or rigid barriers to cordon off the space. Collisions between worker and machine have occurred, the workers always lose this contest.

With the exception of sewing machine operators, almost no other factory workers are permitted to work sitting down, despite the fact that most people work at very specific locations and could in fact perform even better if allowed to sit on a tall stool.

And that patio area, though it has double door access, one of those doors is always locked, so at any point in time, a hundred or more people must upon hearing the end-of-break bell, attempt to pass through this single narrow opening as quickly as possible, occasionally with a manager or supervisor yelling at everyone to, “hurry, hurry, hurry”, to make it back to their prospective work areas within a two or three minute period. In the event of a fire or other such emergency, this type of bottleneck

BianCoat Restroom application After

BianCoat Restroom application After

This is a picture of a test that was done on tile in a restaurant kitchen. Notice the difference between the gloss of the coated tile and the uncoated tile. On these kinds of surfaces BianCoat displays excellent adhesion and slip resistance.

non slip floor products

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