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07.09.2014., nedjelja

What To Expect From United After Falcao Trade

Manchester United is looking like a team that is trying to build its reputation all over again, acquiring some of the best individuals in the game. Their latest signing was world class striker Falcao, who came to Manchester from French side Monaco. He joined Angel Di Maria, Mata, Felaini, Rooney, van Persie, Rooney, Valencia and others as a part of one of the most powerful midfield-attacking groups in the Premier League. Now all of this sounds very intimidating, but what should we expect from Manchester United squad that bases it defense around Phil Jones and Jonny Evans. Check out the latest betting strategy tips at Best Bet On Sports if you want to keep in pace with Premier League giants this year.

Team that has weak defense will need much more help from their midfield and wing players in defensive tasks. This means that Felaini will need to spend lots of time playing in his own box and defensive wingers Brian Shaw and Marcos Rojo, who are offensive minded, will need to help out Evans and Jones with their defensive tasks. This will leave the attacking forces partly isolated and Wayne Rooney will need to play a big part in organizing the offense even if most of the attacks go through the wings, as he will be the go to guy in the middle of the pitch. That’s why Di Maria, Falcao and van Persie will need to be very efficient as Manchester will spend lots of time building up the attack, so when an opportunity arises they will need to convert it 10 out of 10 times.

Besides the fact that Manchester United has weak defense, they will also need time to transfer this list of world class players into a team. This means that they will need probably half a season if not more in order to create the perfect environment for these world class players to function.

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