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Best Tyre Reviews - 4x4 Cheap Tyres - Pirelli Scorpion Tyres Prices.

Best Tyre Reviews

best tyre reviews

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135/365 - 20 winks

135/365 - 20 winks

no matter what everybody says, editing is hard work. have been sitting in front of my mac for hours and just trying to make every shot that i've taken count through post-processing. its not done but its slowly getting there.

i won't say i'm complaining abt my work. in fact, i think i have one of the best jobs in the world. i have great mentors and a great boss and many friends who share my passion. i love the flexibility of the hours and most of all i love what i shoot. as i review through each shot of any wedding i am a participant of, i can feel their emotions and joys all over again and that rates highly on my job satisfaction list heh.

good news is i'll take a break from all the staring at the screen this weekend as i have a friend coming in to visit (: did i mention i love the flexibility already? ;)

Strobist info:
SB900 into 28" Apollo softbox at 1/32 power high above subject right triggered via cybersyncs

best tyre reviews

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