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How Much Are Tire Chains

how much are tire chains

    tire chains
  • Snow chains, or tire chains, are devices which are affixed to the tires of vehicles to provide superior traction when driving through snow and ice.

  • (tire chain) chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow

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My pond, with ice

My pond, with ice

So we've had this killer cold snap. And yesterday a columnist in the Vancouver Sun (no anti-pun intended) wrote in defence of all wimpy weather whiners. Shelley Fralic said:

"If you live here - either by fortune of birth or by intelligent design - it's because it doesn't snow.... because you can golf in December."

Oh. Really. Is that what you think, Shelley? Of course you're entitled. You're a columnist. I get it. But why do you insist on framing your silly opinions as fact?

I AM here by birth, AND by "intelligent design," having returned to the Island as an adult after starting here and growing up elsewhere. And guess what, Shelley? Neither of those things had anything to do with snow (or, for fuck's sake, golf).

My parents moved here because my father had a job, and because the Island reminded him of Ireland. And I moved here to be with Mike. So... FRO Shelley Fralic.

She goes on to make many more inane remarks (again... all framed as fact). For example:

"We don't know from snow tires or chains." (Oh yeah, bitch? Let me introduce you to a tractor with chains. Which can be relied on when your regular four wheel drive pickup, also with chains, can't make it up the hill. I learned to drive on that tractor, so. FRO.)

"We don't know how to drive in snow because we never learned." (Oh yeah? So I guess I was hallucinating those crazy-fun Friday nights when my high school boyfriend and I would spend countless hours spinning donuts and doing all kinds of snow stunts in an otherwise deserted small-town downtown core... all in the name of improving our snow handling skills, which were already very well developed. Oh, and I guess I never made those countless winter blizzard trips through the Rogers Pass and along the Hope Princeton Highway back in the day, and I certainly never drove between Cranbrook and Kimberley on solid ice in the name of covering school board meetings.)

Um... I could go on. The point, of course, being that dumbass commentators would be better off not wielding their inane generalities quite so aggressively. Also... it's never wise to wield these things in the second person. Few things irk me more than some commentator - who's never met me and knows zero about me - telling me who am I and what I think and why.

Back here on my personal ranch, I'll admit I've had my complaints about the cold... but only insofar as it has devastated my garden. It's littered with corpses - fallen palms, broken brown things, succulents turned to cold mashed spinach. And yeah, there is some heartbreak there.

But... unlike Shelley Fralic... I'm a hardy perennial. And I have a pretty good, positive attitude where death's concerned. It's not the end of the world, just part of the natural order of things. So... instead of mourning my losses, I'm looking forward to rejigging and replanting and readjusting... as nature dictates.

I'm also just bursting with pride to see how many of my "children" came through the storms intact. Surprise surprise, all the native plants are doing fine fine fine.

Those who died were weak and probably shouldn't have been here anyway. And I have new respect and reverence for the survivors.

So yeah... the garden in 2009 will be stronger and better than ever.


Hostage 14/52

Hostage 14/52

52 Weeks: Week 14 (Year 2)

Self Portrait Challenge: Tiny Words

This has been Hell Week for me. I had to force myself to get my camera and take photos today so I could post to my 52 Week group. I have been sick with the flu since Wednesday and it is terrible!! My head felt like it was squeezed between a vice for over 24 hours. I was taking extra strength Tylenol every 3 hours with no relief so I slept as much as I could to deal with the pain. After 24 hours, the intensity of the headache let up but I still do not feel good. I am tired and achy and I have an annoying cough. I'm either shivering with chills or overheating and sweating profusely. My head feels dizzy today and most of you know how much I hate this sensation as this is my biggest complaint with Lyme Disease.

Since my flu started on Wednesday morning, I am starting to wonder if I am experiencing the "herx" reaction from starting on antibiotics again. It is not unusual for people with a chronic case of Lyme Disease to suffer from Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (herx) which is the body’s response to the bacterial lipoproteins (BLPs) produced by the dying borrelia during the course of taking antibiotics. It's repulsive to think that my blood and brain are being polluted by dead parasites!

So that is why I chose the word "hostage" for my SPC group this week. I feel as though my body is being held hostage by Lyme Disease. I HATE this disease and the worst part is that so many people, including doctors, do not understand the disease. I am exhausted and my knees hurt and I am too young to feel this old. I can understand how people with chronic disease can get depressed because it just wears away at your spirit.

how much are tire chains

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