Learning toys age 6 : Invader zim toys gir.

Learning Toys Age 6

learning toys age 6

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my new, but old toy :)

my new, but old toy :)

I'm a child of the digital age and have never learnt real photography so I did some research to find out a good SLR learning camera - a film one. Old school! I'm really excited to learn how to do everything manually. I don't have a DSLR - that is way out of my price range! But good ole trademe supplied me with this old beauty, circa 1974 in mint condition, including 2 lenses: a 55mm f/2, and 28mm f/3.5 wide lenses for only $90. From researching like crazy (which is what I do with all potential toy purchases), I found out that Pentax Asahis, Leicaflexes, and old Nikon SLR's are great film SLR's, and fantastic to learn on.

Leicaflexes still go for $500+ USD on ebay, and the Pentax has a wee bit of sentimental value, as my Dad has had one since I was small poking it in my face at birthdays and bike races or other occasions.

So I was stoked to find this old Pentax Asahi Pentax Spotmatic 1000. Just like Dad's! He doesn't use it much anymore so he gave me his 135mm f/3.6 lenses to add to my collection.

Aside from all that I love the look of old cameras. They massage my wanky aesthetic side, lol.

Now I just have to learn how to put a film in...

Porter puppy

Porter puppy

This is Porter, he's a beagle coonhound mutt who was adopted by my friend here in town. He's 1 year and about 6 months of age.

Due to his severe separation anxiety I have become his baby sitter and trainer. He's dropped off in the morning and stays here till 5:30 pm. Thankfully he's just like my dog, Casie, except he has bouts of puppyness, loving to romp around.

So far we've been good about staying out of the kitchen, no jump, sit, down, and working on stay. He's learning other rules involving food (like no begging) and playing nice, no nips (but kisses are ok!). In time he'll turn into another potato just like our Casie, he's already on the way there!

learning toys age 6

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