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Cake Cooking Games For Boys : Cooking Tour Of Italy.

Cake Cooking Games For Boys

cake cooking games for boys

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100707 Hollys' Bday 04 - C eating cake

100707 Hollys' Bday 04 - C eating cake

7.7.2010 - Wednesday was going to be the last day Spencer was with us for my birthday, so we celebrated as a family then. He made me an awesome card, which was actually a 12"x12" piece of paper with a sweet message on one side and a cool collage on the other (from my scraps). We ate dinner (Matt cooked AND cleaned up) and they got me a small cake (which the boys seemed to really enjoy). I bought a bottle of champagne and a new liquor - Southern Comfort Sweet Tea. We all watched Singing Bee, and after C went to bed, we played a board game.

cake cooking games for boys

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