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Best indian cooking book : Thai cooking with jam.

Best Indian Cooking Book

best indian cooking book

    indian cooking
  • Indian cuisine is characterized by the use of various spices, herbs and other vegetables, and sometimes fruits grown in India and also for the widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Each family of Indian cuisine includes a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques.

  • Reserve (accommodations, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance

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She Says She is an Open Book

She Says She is an Open Book

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Says she is an open book
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She for a fool mistook
Yes my heart sunk
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The best of me
On a slow fire
Simmering hot and cooked
A fact when she injected me
With a virus of love
She drives over my dead body
Crime unbefitting punishment
She connives to have me booked
Resurrecting me as a poet
A pot boiler in his own
Pictorial Juices overcooked

posted 19 nov 2006



Day Seven. The cook book collection. Taken whilst cooking tonight. I love cook books. I really need to be more proactive at making more new recipes! We tend to make the same things over and over again. I am especially going to make some things from my newest addition, the Great British Book of Baking! :D

Not the best shot but flash had to be used. :s

best indian cooking book

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