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Country decor bedding. Country wedding decorating ideas. Oriental wall decor.

Country Decor Bedding

country decor bedding

Yo Yo Pillow / Cushion Cover Pastels on Pink

Yo Yo Pillow / Cushion Cover Pastels on Pink

Yo Yo Pillow / Cushion Cover Pastels on Pink

This vintage yo yo cushion/pillow cover would look so charming on your bed.
Handmade yo yos in pretty pastel shades are attached to a pink cotton form. The yoyos are also sewn from cotton in, yellow, blue, mauve, mint green, and orange with white dots. Each yo yo measures about 1” in diameter and are attached in double rows to form a pleasing diamond pattern.
The cover measures 14 ?” x 14 ?”, the backing is a slightly darker pink and is a bit heavier fabric than the front, the opening in one side is 9” long, probably enough to accommodate a 14” pillow form.
This cushion cover brings to mind the popular handcraft of making fabric yo yos out of scraps of fabric left from sewing projects or from recycled fabrics from aprons, house dresses etc. The women of the past generations were very inventive in using every scrap of fabric.
The colours used here will look lovely in a country cottage decor, shabby chic, or any vintage themed room. It would go particularly well with a vintage quilt or chenille bedspread

Granbury Bed and Breakfast

Granbury Bed and Breakfast

The Carson House is located in Granbury/Acton, Texas and sits in the middle of a working farm, one of the two remaining peach orchards left in Hood County.

The Carson House has been renovated in such a way that it retained the cottage's country charm. The house is fill with antiques and is decorated with a french country decor.

The original home was built during the1890's by James Elijah Massey, fully renovated, is surrounded by its original out-buildings cellar, barn and what was probably a log-enclosed corn crib.

Fall Creek Farms offers Spring strawberries - A giant two acre patch of more than 19,000 Chandler and Sequoia plants.

During the Summer, Fall Creek Farms has upick peaches - 800 trees of delicious, juicy peaches. It has been said that nobody can resist sampling the Fall Creek Farms peaches while you're picking. Take a tour through the orchard and choose your tree.

country decor bedding

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