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lawyer in arizona

Mural b

Mural b

I listen to the radio station that had Steve Blair hosting the afternoon talk show. I missed that day when he inserted foot into mouth. But I will say this, though he may come across as one can short of a six pack, he has a good heart and is NOT a racist.

I was shocked the day a substitute announced that he was fired from his show, the station planned to drop the show too, but Prof. Lovell has taken over.

This story is a prime example of the Left using Political Correctness as a weapon to shutup someone with non-liberal views. He has not done malfeasance with his elected position to deserve the taxpayers being screwed over $80,000 to run a recall election. The propaganda that will spew forth will further divide our town. Considering the SB1070 bill the Arizona legislature passed recently, this mural is like rubbing our face in it.

My main problem with this glorified graffiti is that it's a waste of ever dwindling taxpayer money. Prescott Alternative Transportation, a bicycle advocacy group, whose mission is to force bike lanes to be added to every new street/road (but bike paths are not wanted), gets grants from the Federal and State government (liberals consider it "free" money). That wall is a taxpayer funded school, and we all know how the liberal education establishment never ever has enough money to be happy, even with the Bond passed a few years ago (which I fought publicly), Students First building fund forced by a lawyer activist, Prop 300 passed several years ago for more teacher funding, plus the Prop 100 passed this year to add even more funding to schools. But there's $5,000 to paint this mural while the paint falls off the fascia.

Everyone knows the last mayor, Jack Wilson (Blair liked to call him Cactus Jack) has an ax to grind with Blair. Knowing he came from Chicago, it's only natural for him to take Steve's personal opinion, and blow it out of proportion by calling him a racist. He claims to be trying to negate the bad publicity by contacting news outlets across the country. Other people who hate Blair are taking advantage of this issue, some are members of the Universalist Unitarian Church, the Leftist wing of the church community. Funny how they want to force their liberal version of diversity upon everyone, but when a conservative opinion is voiced via the radio, OMG the long knives are drawn out! No, can't call into the show to voice their position, but let's recall him!

Some people think this wrecks the beautiful historic building. Miller Valley School was built in 1905(?), this particular building was built in the early 1960s. IMO red brick doesn't make a statement, also considering the ugly electrical boxes and huge HVAC units, I think that is a moot point.

The PUSD Superintendent, Kevin Kapp, is days away from planned retirement. Of course he had nothing to do with this. ~rolls eyes~

Oh yea, the race aspect of this. Of the 3 people depicted, one is white, not exactly representative of the ratio of the population. Someone asked, if diversity is important, where are the cowboys and Indians? What is the central figure doing, what is he climbing, and what's with the banner?

Final comment, I despise Political Correctness. It drives me nuts!!!!! Joseph Stalin, who developed it, would be proud. The only difference between then and today is we aren't sending Blair to Barrows Alaska, or killing him.

365 Day 56

365 Day 56

The old Wild West was such an interesting piece of history. Hundreds of little towns popped out of no where. They had their own rules. There was little to no federal government interference. The people who inhabited these towns were all entrepreneurs. They left the comforts of the eastern United States and choose to go west just for the rumor that they may strike gold. It was undiscovered. It was unknown. It was inhabited by Indians who I assume were not happy about the white man being here in the first place.

I’d love to go back in time and live a day in the life of a person who lived in Cerbat, Arizona where this picture was taken. I read that even though it was in the middle of no where and had no more than a few hundred residents, it had a doctor and a lawyer. What kind of business and/or money were a doctor and a lawyer making here? Why?

Think about the insecurities of this place. I read a lot of these towns had a killing per day, if not more. If someone pissed you off, you just shot him, done deal. There were very little consequences, it just depended on who you knew. I can only imagine how they paid for things, or built things. Or when these towns started to become abandoned, who were the last few desert rats that still choose to live there. I know they didn’t all leave at once. How about the last few stragglers holding on to their once thriving town.

There were no highways, no cars, no planes, no GPS, no cell phones or phones at all, no communication, no internet, no nothing. These people lived in their little bubbles and the only people that passed through were on their way to California to strike it big. I would give ANYTHING to just see 1 real day in the life of these people. Just go hang out in that saloon for 1 night and talk to them all.

I’d probably end up dead.

Taken January 19th, 2009
Posted January 23rd, 2009

lawyer in arizona

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