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gold matsu zori

gold matsu zori

Gold brocade zori with a matsu (pine) pattern. I bought these to go with my matsu kurotomesode, but it seems that whomever the original owner was had feet as wide as chopsticks. >_> You wouldn't believe how narrow these guys are- I mean, like less than 3 inches or something... I love how they look, but they're nasty to wear. ;_;

Christmas stocking on tree

Christmas stocking on tree

A quilted Christmas stocking made for wee Susan.
Preprinted patchwork motif fabric, green and gold fat quarter and green and gold Merry Christmas lining all bought at SECC Hobbycrafts exhibition.
This is not pieced, the fancy fabric does that work for you. Machine quilted and red bias binding sewn on by hand.

buy gold stock

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