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Schwinn bmx bike parts - Huffy tandem bike - Best upright exercise bikes.

Schwinn Bmx Bike Parts

schwinn bmx bike parts

Scando - 1985

Scando - 1985

Inspired by the 1984 Olympic Time Trial Bike My freind Larry Gobble and I cut up an old Schwinn Varsity I had rusting in my garage and I tested my welding skills to come up with this design. I first cut the top tube and seat stays from the seat tube. I bent the top tube up so that I could move the seat tube forward. Larry bought a BMX seat post that was curved and we were able to extend the hight of the seat tube so that I could weld it to the top tube. We may have built the first intergrated seatpost design. I then bent the seat stays until they reached the seat tube. I also cut the steel stem in half and welded it upside down to the crown of the forks. The steel Varsity bars were also cut and turnd up over. The rest of the parts were things Larry had in his garage. Larry road this bike to a 3rd place spot in the eppies Great race. He had the best bike split of the whole race.

The Freecycle free cycle Karma cycle

The Freecycle free cycle Karma cycle

I am not the least interested
in mountain bikes or bmx bikes
And yet they turn up here...

So a lady asked for bike parts
on Freecycle for her son.

I responded with 4 frames
maybe a half dozen rims
with tubes and tires
some pedals, chain and a saddle

They were a bit overwhelmed
I guess. I saw this rusting
in the yard and asked
how much they'd want for it
but they gave it to me

The Freecycle Free cycle cycle...

Made in Chicago, March of 1974

schwinn bmx bike parts

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