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Hotel Villa Igea Capri

hotel villa igea capri

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Vasca con conchiglia a Villa Melzi

Vasca con conchiglia a Villa Melzi

Il complesso di Villa Melzi si trova a Bellagio, tra i due rami del lago di Como.
Venne realizzato tra il 1808 e il 1810 per Francesco Melzi D'Eril, importante uomo politico dell'eta napoleonica.
La villa si trova proprio di fronte al lago ed e circondata da un bel giardino all'inglese.
Sullo sfondo (vedi nota) e visibile un'altra importante villa nobiliare del Lago di Como, Villa Carlotta.


Villa Melzi is located in Bellagio, between the two branches of Como Lake (Italy).
It was built between 1808 and 1810 for francesco Melzi D'Eril, important politician of the napoleonic age.
The Villa lays just in front of the lake and it is surrounded by a nice english-style garden.
In the background it is visible another important nobiliary villa of Como Lake, Villa Carlotta.

"Villa Frieda"

Undated. None of the men depicted here were kind enough to show their shoulder straps, so their regiment remains unknown, but still plenty to look at.

Seasoned fighters to a man, the infantrymen appear to be taking a breather from the front at "Villa Frieda". They all wear M1910 tunics and all are armed with a Gew 98, although a variety of bayonets are on display.

Interesting to note the photograph appears to have been developed in reverse, deliberate or just a mistake?

hotel villa igea capri

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