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Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer

los angeles drunk driving lawyer

    drunk driving
  • Driving under the influence (driving while intoxicated, drunk driving, operating under the influence, drinking and driving, drink-driving, impaired driving) is the act of operating a vehicle (including bicycle, boat, airplane, wheelchair, or tractor) after consuming alcohol or other drugs.

  • The crime of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood

  • Drink-driving laws in the United Kingdom govern driving, attempting to drive, or being in charge of a motor vehicle when either over the prescribed limits of alcohol in the body, or unfit to drive as a result of consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

  • A general reference to those criminal cases that are called DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI, DUII, DWAI, or other acronyms. They generally describe two types of cases: first, where the driver is sufficiently impaired by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the two, that the driver cannot drive safely.

    los angeles
  • a city in southern California; motion picture capital of the world; most populous city of California and second largest in the United States

  • A city on the Pacific coast of southern California; pop. 3,694,820. It is a major center of industry, filmmaking, and television

  • Los Angeles is the capital of the province of Biobio, in the municipality of the same name, in Region VIII (the Biobio region), in the center-south of Chile. It is located between the Laja and Biobio rivers. The population is 123,445 inhabitants (census 2002).

  • Los Angeles Union Station (or LAUS) is a major passenger rail terminal and transit station in Los Angeles, California.

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  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor

  • A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.

  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

The Safe Way to Drink & Drive !

The Safe Way to Drink & Drive !

One of the best finds ever - I discovered it in a little Chinese Emporium in Spain - A clever device that clips onto your ear, in much the same way as a mobile handsfree earphone, but the beauty of this is that it ensures safer driving - even when drunk !!!

I have yet to run this one past the PSNI (Police Service Of Northern Ireland). But I'm sure that once they see it and read the plain English instructions (as shown to the right) they'll have no issues with my driving whilst pissed as a newt.

After all if a device which looks like this makes talking on the mobile phone whilst driving safe and acceptable, then driving whilst drunk has be virtually risk free as well. I've decided to import these to the UK and sell them at ?50 a pop - I refuse to disclose how much I'll be buying them at !!!

Feckitt - forgot to take the price sticker off !!!!!

Best anti drink & drive ad ever.

Best anti drink & drive ad ever.

This was a large sign posted above an entrance to one of the local bars at Newport Beach.

If the 'authorities' ever really wanted to cut down on drunk driving, they should run an ad campaign detailing what a person convicted of DUI/DWI go through; monetary costs, classes, potential jail time, etc.

That's assuming they just get pulled over & don't cause a wreck.

Most people don't realize the full consequences until it's too late.

los angeles drunk driving lawyer

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