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Rebond Carpet Pad

rebond carpet pad

    carpet pad
  • a pad placed under a carpet

  • A rubber or felt pad placed underneath carpet to increase its resilience and noise transmission (especially footsteps).

  • (Rebonding) Hair straightening is a hair styling technique which involves the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and 'sleek' appearance.

  • (Rebonding) Term usually employed in reference to adding new bonding material to used molding sand so that it can be used again to produce molds.

  • (Rebonding) The process of adhering flexible polyurethane foam crumbs or shredded foam back together again to make a salable product. Rebonded foam is often used for carpet padding.

rebond carpet pad - 8'x10' Multiple

8'x10' Multiple Sizes. AREA RUG PAD. Manufacturer: Carpenter Style: Emerald PREMIUM 1/4", 8LB. Rebond. For area rugs, runners and carpet.

8'x10' Multiple Sizes. AREA RUG PAD. Manufacturer: Carpenter Style: Emerald PREMIUM 1/4

Emerald 1/4" 8LB. Rebond pad by CARPENTER. Enviro Step carpet cushion technology. This cushion can be easily cut down with sharp scissors. This pad is made in 6' wide goods only. We can put it together with carpet tape to make any width and length needed. Premium rebond cushion made in the USA by Carpenter. CRI green label for air quality assurance. Reduces impact noise to make homes quieter. Insulates floors to help resist energy loss. This product is 100% recyclable. The right choice for your home. The right choice for the environment. ORGANIC POLYOL. Ozone friendly. CRI green label certified for air quality standards. This is a 1/4" 8LB. pad! This pad has a great feel with out lifting your rug very high off the surface.

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Tearing Out the Carpet

Tearing Out the Carpet

Everett snapped this shot before he completely finished tearing out the carpet and padding. While the floors do need refinishing, they are really lovely hardwoods and well worth exposing, even if they aren't perfect right now.



The oak floors in the living room look great! Probably does not even need to be refinished. The rebond carpet pad is decomposing and leaving those greasy black spots everywhere, but it seems like it will come off...

rebond carpet pad

rebond carpet pad

Ultra Plush Rug Pad (8' x 10') For Carpet Or Hard Surfaces

Rug Pads are an essential support system for any area rug. Contrary to popular belief area rugs wear from the bottom up. Rug pads act with several different functions, all at an attractive and affordable price. Aside from increasing the lifetime of your area rug, rug pads also offer safety. They decrease the chances that your area rug will slip, preventing possible injury. They also offer comfort. Adding a rug pad underneath your rug increases the softness and the cushion support when walking on your rug. Rug pads also act as a noise reducer. Adding a pad under your rug helps to absorb pressure therefore reducing noise of foot action across the floor. Adding a rug pad is a smart way to invest in your are rug at an affordable price!

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