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Unique cheap furniture - Motif modern furniture - Wood adirondack furniture.

Unique Cheap Furniture

unique cheap furniture

  • Large movable equipment, such as tables and chairs, used to make a house, office, or other space suitable for living or working

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unique cheap furniture - Unique Contemporary

Unique Contemporary Rustic Modern Style - 23" Water Hyacinth Laundry Clothes Hamper w/ Faux Leather Handles - Black

Unique Contemporary Rustic Modern Style - 23

From a collection of 30+ simple, rustically attractive, woven water hyacinth rush grass furnishings, including coffee tables, end tables, room dividers, foot stools, ottomans, shelf units, and more. Choose Natural, Black or Mocha, this simple contemporary design clothes hamper is a solid, substantial alternative to cheap particle board furnishings. The exterior is abundent, sustainable, water hyacinth rush grass, machine woven in a beautiful v shape, creating remarkable, beautiful furnishings and home decor accessories. Browse to see our entire collection of 3000+ imported Chinese, Japanese, & Thai furniture & decor, including the web's largest selection of room dividers, in 30 colors and 40 designs, from 2 feet to 8 feet tall, as well as Japanese furniture, art, & lighting, tatami mats, futons, bamboo rugs & window shades, ceramics, fine gifts, and much, much, more.

80% (8)

Decorative Antique Dresser with Bamboo Mirror and Vintage Upholstered Damask Chair - Unique!

Decorative Antique Dresser with Bamboo Mirror and Vintage Upholstered Damask Chair - Unique!

Purchased chair at vintage furniture store from owner's stock of projects not yet started for $5. Purcased fabric from flea market booth for $2, along with various other vintage fabrics. Painted chair with yellow "tractor" colored spray paint and recovered cushions. Not pictured is a matching ottoman that was originally a thicker red cordorouy, and was recovered with matching damask vintage fabric and upholstery tacks. Ottoman originally costed $15. Sold the set to consignment shop way cheaper than I should have!!

Want Cheap Hotel Furniture?

Want Cheap Hotel Furniture?

If you are in need of used hotel furnishings, say because you want to recreate business travel boredom in your own home, then head to the St. Regis Hotel. Today and this weekend they are selling off truck loads of hotel stuff. If you want the good stuff, be prepared to pay. If you are like me and would rather not be reminded of nights lost in odd places, do yourself a favor: go Craigslist and go unique.

unique cheap furniture

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