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Bedroom Furniture For College : High End Furniture In Atlanta.

Bedroom Furniture For College

bedroom furniture for college

    bedroom furniture
  • Furniture sets that are placed in your bedroom such as bed, dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand. Some bedroom collections even come with an armoire, chiffonier or storage chest. Depending on your preference, you may choose contemporary, traditional or transitional styled bedrooms.

  • furniture intended for use in a bedroom

  • One providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training

  • the body of faculty and students of a college

  • College (Latin: collegium) is a term most often used today in Ireland and the United States to denote a degree-awarding tertiary educational institution and in other English-speaking countries to refer to a secondary school in private educational systems.

  • (within a university) A school offering a general liberal arts curriculum leading only to a bachelor's degree

  • An educational institution or establishment, in particular

  • an institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university

bedroom furniture for college - 1930 NURSES



A full page and reverse from our volume of the GRAPHIC, an illustrated weekly newspaper dated 1930, the scan size is approximately(including margins as seen) 15.5 x 11 inches (395x280). All are genuine antique prints and not modern copies the Graphic is an illustrated newspaper and is a fine example of a historic social record of British and world events up to the present day. The Graphic is known for its coverage of the following subjects the wars, ships, boats, guns, sailing, portraits, fine art, old and antique prints, wood cut, wood engravings, early photographs, Victorian life, Victorian culture, kings, queens, royalty, travels, adventures, natural history, birds, fish, mammals, fishing, hunting, shooting, fox hunting, sports including tennis, cricket, football, horse racing, politics and many more items of interest.

89% (10)

The chuck wagon

The chuck wagon

For some reason I never took a picture of our building from the outside. This picture was given to me from a Plattsburgh alumnus who happened to have it (Thanks Ray Daley). As can be seen from the kids' fashions, the picture is from the early 80's and predates the time I lived in the building. But the place hadn't changed much so it works.

The building consisted of 5 apartments plus the general store, "The Chuck Wagon." We were on the 3rd floor in the apartment on the viewer's right. The market carried the necessities that one often forgot, was horribly overpriced, and run by a guy who didn't seem to have much joy in life. Not shown in the picture is the laundromat next door which was also run by Mr. Personality. It was a pretty busy intersection (esp. around 2:15 am saturday night) in that most frat/sorority houses were on one of the two streets shown and was in between campus and downtown. Campus was 2 blocks to the viewer's right. Downtown was approx 4-5 blocks to the viewers left.

It was a great college apartment. It was fully furnished with crappy furniture and a beer soaked rug. In other words, we didn't care about anything we didn't own ourselves. We had a keg party at least once a month and usualy more often than that. All our neighbors were also college students so noise was not a problem. The kitchen housed the keg and tended to be the focal point for drinking games. The living room was for dancing and other socializing. In the later years, the smaller bedroom was kept open for those interested in watching whatever sporting event was on. The large bedroom had my plastic tip dartboard for people to play. The balcony shown in the picture was strictly off-limits (in the early parties, people would go out and take care of business when the bathroom was occupied).

The Tenants by year:

1988-89 - Tom Zinserling, Denis Dufresne, Dan ?, Mike ?

1989-90 - Tom Zinserling, Bob Nittoli, Dave O'Connor, Tom (twoobs) Hinsch

Fall 1990 - Tom Zinserling, Bob Nittoli, Kevin Quinn, Mike2?

Spring 1991 - Tom Zinserling, Bob Nittoli, Kevin Quinn, Kevin Thalmann

Fall 1991 - Tom Zinserling, Bob Nittoli, Kevin Quinn, Kevin Thalmann, Henry Luczac

Spring 1992 - Kevin Quinn, Kevin Thalmann, Henry Luczac, Buba



Guess what......? It's my room from when I was little (age 6 til college)!! 1970s to the max. My mom said she's finally ready to redecorate (I'm 42 for goodness sakes) so I took some pics. Can you believe that wallpaper! The colors used to be even brighter, if you can imagine that! Actually it all looks kinda cool all over again!

I used to have lots of collectibles on the hutch--you can see one very sweet porcelain girl in the upper right. My mom picked out all unfinished furniture for me and my brothers and painted it. My grandma made the pillows. The bedspread is eyelet. And Bo Peep above the bed.

bedroom furniture for college

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