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Grand hotel florence reviews. Hotel les loges rennes. Five star hotels in brazil.

Grand Hotel Florence Reviews

grand hotel florence reviews

    hotel florence
  • The Hotel Florence is a former hotel located in the Pullman Historic District on the far south side of Chicago, Illinois. It was built in 1881 to a design by architect Solon Spencer Beman. Since 1991, it has been owned by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

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Hotel Florence's bar area

Hotel Florence's bar area

I don't know how old the sign is. I took this on my first visit inside, the weekend before I went on a Great Chicago Places & Spaces tour of Pullman. I was there for an unrelated event and didn't know there were all these exhibits open to the public. On the tour, I'd thought we'd see more of the hotel and was disappointed we could only see the ground floor, since preservation work is going on everywhere else. It was totally unexpected that we'd see the inside of the administration building (also being rehabbed), a place I'd dreamed of seeing for months? years? But I seem to be the only one thrilled by that! Admittedly, it was a lot less interesting to look at than the signs, windows, etc. at the Hotel Florence.

Hotel Florence, Pullman District

Hotel Florence, Pullman District

"The Hotel Florence opened on November 1, 1881 as the hospitality showcase for visitors to George Pullman's "perfect town" of Pullman. The hotel was named for George's favorite daughter, Florence.

The original portion of the hotel had 50 rooms, a dining room, a billiard room, a parlor and the only bar in Pullman. A veranda, 16 feet wide by 268 feet long, extends alon the front and sides of the hotel. The Pullman Suite was kept for George Pullman when he visited "his town," as the Pullman family lived in the fashionable Prarie Avenue District just south of downtown." (Pullman Historical Foundation Website)

grand hotel florence reviews

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