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Ivy House Hotel

ivy house hotel

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Fire Do Not Cross

Fire Do Not Cross

'Chemical leak' hotel evacuated

A hotel in Marlborough, Wiltshire, has been evacuated after a suspected chemical leak.

Fire crews and police were called to the Ivy House Hotel on the High Street just after 0830 GMT and put a cordon around the building.

Traffic was being diverted away from the area around the hotel onto Kingsbury Street.

Manager Judy Cameron said: "We came in and we could smell what we thought was ammonia."

There are currently no reports of anyone being injured as a result of the leak.

"Subsequently we have something like six fire appliances, two ambulances, a chemical response team and men in yellow suits with green Wellington boots on here," added Ms Cameron.

Ivy covered house near our hotel

Ivy covered house near our hotel

We saw this interesting ivy covered building near our guest house near Leeson Bridge.

ivy house hotel

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