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Hotel La Fenice Et Des Artistes. Boscolo Grand Hotel Trento. Small Luxury Hotels France

Hotel La Fenice Et Des Artistes

hotel la fenice et des artistes

    la fenice
  • Teatro La Fenice ("The Phoenix") is an opera house in Venice, Italy. It is one of the most famous theatres in Europe, the site of many famous operatic premieres.

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Ceiling of La Fenice

Ceiling of La Fenice

The ceiling in La Fenice has much more blue than shown, but due to the lowlight and not being able to use a flash lest I give myself away, it shows much darker in this photo than it really is. The main room is all peach and pale blue. The seats match the color of the dress of the woman playing a lyre while the woman in a green dress dances in the lower left of the photo.

The Teatro has burned down and been rebuilt twice in its history. John Berendt (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) wrote the book "The City of Fallen Angels" about the most recent fire in 1997 and rebuilding process.

La Fenice - Turn of the Screw

La Fenice - Turn of the Screw

Last time in Venice to see final rehearsals of "The turn of the screw" (1954) by B. Britten, based upon the book by H. James. Nice one.

personaggi e interpreti principali:
Il prologo Marlin Miller
L’istitutrice Anita Watson
Miles Peter Shafran / Charlie McNelly
Flora Eleanor Burke / Emma Tirebuck
Mrs. Grose Julie Mellor
Quint Marlin Miller
Miss Jessel Allison Oakes

maestro concertatore e direttore Jeffrey Tate
Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice

regia, scene e costumi Pier Luigi Pizzi
light designer Vincenzo Raponi
movimenti coreografici Roberto Pizzuto

hotel la fenice et des artistes

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