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Best Red Phone

best red phone

  • (of a machine or other manufactured object) Strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling

  • sturdy and strong in constitution or construction; enduring; "with a house full of boys you have to have red furniture"

  • (of ground or terrain) Having a broken, rocky, and uneven surface

  • furrowed: having long narrow shallow depressions (as grooves or wrinkles) in the surface; "furrowed fields"; "his furrowed face lit by a warming smile"

  • Having or requiring toughness and determination

  • broken: topographically very uneven; "broken terrain"; "red ground"

  • A speech sound; the smallest discrete segment of sound in a stream of speech

  • call: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"

  • telephone: electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"

  • (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

best red phone - Red and

Red and Relentless (Husbands for Hire)

Red and Relentless (Husbands for Hire)

Roll into Hope Falls, Colorado, where three women are seeking mates to help them establish a sawmill. Evelyn Thompson never dreamed their husbands-for-hire ad would bring so many bachelors to their tiny town. How will she ever figure out which feller to choose? Jacob Granger, a logger-turned-bounty hunter, is hot on the trail of his brother’s killer. When a clue leads him to Hope Falls, he has no choice but to pretend to court Miss Thompson while waiting for the killer to show his hand. Will Jacob’s unexpected adoration of this sweet cook prompt him to speak vows before getting vengeance?

83% (12)



Best viewed in Black. Click on the photo to view in Black .

Nubra Valley, Taken near Panamik. Panamik is on the way to worlds highest battle field "SIACHIN". The mountain is the karakoram range while the valley is on the Nubra River.

Nubra Valley, Taken near Panamik. Panamik is on the way to the world's highest battle field, "SIACHIN". The mountain is the Karakoram range while the valley is on the Nubra River.

We planning to visit Panamik and Sumar, after reaching Hundar. I proposed 5 am in the morning. Yes 5 am in the morning is quite early from the sleepy village to wake up. Parvez as usually said "No problem sir jee". Next day he was surprised to see me call him at dot 5 in the morning. Yep i'm a little "notorious" for my punctuality. Some time some of my fights with my buddies has been because of that.

We all draped in the best possible warmers and moved on the Toyota Qualis. Soon dusty village road gave way to the shining tar road. Most of the roads in Ladakh where there is an Army presence is extremely well maintained. Hundar leads to the road to Turtuk which borders POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). While the road which goes to Panamik is the way to the world's highest and costliest battle field Siachin.

So to go to Panamik we have to go through Disket, cross the wide valley of the Shyok river and then turn towards Sumar. Nubra valley stretches almost more then 15k in width. One side there is Ladakh range while other side its the Karakoram range. One of the distinct observation one would make while moving thorugh the valley is the wide range of geological formation that had happened over billions of years. Slates and shale gives a glazing appearance in the morning light while weathered layered sandstones with rich mineral deposits changes its color like a chameleon with every passing hour of the day. Fascinating Alluvial fans (snap shaped formation formed by fast moving streams) could be seen on the red surface of the mountains. Alluvial fans are very much visible from a distant and forms great photos. It's a delight to photograph these textured terrains.

Its amazing to see that limestone, sandstone and slate formation are present side by side. If you happened visit Ladakh make sure you stop for a moment when you come near to any of the mountains and touch and feel the rock. You would be surprised to see that some of the massive rocks which looks so grand and solid, might just start crimbling with a little nudge at strategic points. Each rock is different in its color texture. People visiting Ladakh often get lost in Monastery, Monks but geology is what makes Ladakh different very different and a photographers delight.

How about nature as a sculptor ? Over billions of years nature has so intricately designed these mountains that leave us spell bound. A life time is too short to appreciate the work in progress. I had shot one picture (Not yet posted) which could turn Nubra into a pilgirmage site. When i discussed this with Sridhar over the phone and showed the natural sculpture to Rashid they were amazed (may be i would post it some day). Nature has such craftyness in its anvil that it would leave you spellbound if not you mouth open.

What makes Nubra valley green are the 2 rivers, Nubra (Originating from Siachin Glacier in the west flows east and then merges with shyok river to move east) and Shyok which originates from glacier in Himalayas. One would see he wide landscape often patched with bright green. Since Nubra and Shyok are streams with great velocity the sand along its banks are extremely fine and almost like clay.

We wanted to drive beyond Panamik but called off. Almost all places where people can visit in Ladakh needs a permit. It's a sensitive area for India. Strategically its important because this area borders with Pakistan and China. You would find Soldiers of Indian Army all over the place. I always went saluted (mix of wave and salute) them, shook hand with them exchanged a few words with them. They are all from all parts of the country, Hariyana, Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat West Bengal, Orissa, Assam so on and on. This time of year its pleasant but in harsh winter where breathing is a difficulty these people serve the country with elan.

While moving to Panamik, while you look on the left you would see the green valley. There are a couple of Monasteries perched on the top of the mountain. They look rather inaccessible. may be a few hours walk and a daunting cross of the Nubra river would take you there.

This Photograph : This photograph was taken some where between Sumar and Panamik. This mountain could be Karakoram/Ladakh range. The green patch on the foreground is the kind of greenery what you see in Nubra valley. In the Day and during this time of the year one would come across cattles grazing. Cattles includes Cows, Dzo (A cross breed between Yak and Cow), Yaks (Hardly i did see one in Nubra Valley), a lot of Donkeys and



I used to work with this guy, his name is Bruce. He taught me a lot of things in a very understated way - practical stuff, like how to repair 4WD tyre punctures, to diplomatic stuff, like what things you should tell your boss on the phone and what is best left till you get back to the office.

Bruce was always willing to show you how to do things, especially if you asked, but he was also willing to step back and let you make mistakes.

He and this perentie (Varanus giganteus) - the largest monitor in Australia and second in the world to the Komodo - are eyeing each other with mutual respect!

best red phone

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