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Braided Rag Rug Tutorial : Rugs For Sale Cheap

Braided Rag Rug Tutorial

braided rag rug tutorial

  • of or relating to tutors or tutoring; "tutorial sessions"

  • a session of intensive tuition given by a tutor to an individual or to a small number of students

  • A period of instruction given by a university or college tutor to an individual or very small group

  • An account or explanation of a subject, printed or on a computer screen, intended for private study

  • A tutorial is one method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of learning. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture; a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.

    rag rug
  • A rug made from small strips of fabric hooked into or pushed through a base material such as hessian

  • (Rag Rugs) Rag rugs were commonly made in households up to the middle of the 20th century by using odd scraps of fabric on a background of old sacking.

  • A sturdy, colorful rug handwoven from cotton scraps.

  • (Rag Rugs) a family craft handed down.  Down to me.  Yes, this will be a special rug.

  • woven by (or as if by) braiding; "braided cordage"

  • Edge or trim (a garment) with braid

  • (braid) a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

  • (braid) make by braiding or interlacing; "lace a tablecloth"

  • Interlace three or more strands of (hair or other flexible material) to form a length

  • (of a river or stream) Flow into shallow interwoven channels divided by deposits of sediment

braided rag rug tutorial - Tascam: 2488

Tascam: 2488 / MKII / Neo Tutorial

Tascam: 2488 / MKII / Neo Tutorial

The Tascam 2488 / MKII / Neo DVD Tutorial is designed to be more than just a complete guide to using the 2488, MKII and Neo versions: it teaches basic recording techniques to musicians getting their first start in recording. It begins with a section called "Recording School" that teaches beginners the basics about microphones, multitrack recording and mixing. It goes on for the next 90 minutes to cover every aspect of recording, editing and mixing on the 2488 24-track Digital Portastudio.

(Features a brand new section on both the MKII and Neo versions)


"What is Multitrack Recording?"
The signal path
Channels vs. Tracks
Recording levels
Setting levels on the 2488
Microphone placement
Types of Microphones
Phantom power

Creating a Song
Naming a Song
Connecting a Microphone
Routing Inputs to Channels
Setting Levels
Arming Tracks
Recording 1st Track
Importance of good Monitors
Using the front Guitar (H) input
Linking stereo Channels
Virtual Tracks
Mic Effects
Naming Tracks (User Words)
Punching in
Repeat function
Setting Location points
Bouncing Tracks

Using the Jog function
Setting In and Out points
Copy and Paste
Setting To point
Front panel shortcuts

Benefits of using drum guide
Setting time/measures display
Builtin Metronome
Rhythm guide setup
Selecting from the 20 drum kits
SMF playback
GM Specifications
Loading SMFs
Adjusting the Tone Generator Parts
Playing SMFs

Mute function
Solo function
Compression (Mic Effects)
Stereo L/R Dynamics Processor
Loop effect
Effect sends
External Effect returns
8 Inputs available at Mixdown
Pre/Post send settings
Multi Effects
Mixing down your Song (Pre-master)

Playing Pre-master
Trimming Pre-master
Burning to CD-R (Track at once)
Burning to CD-R (Disc at once)

"Opening" the USB connection
Connecting a Computer
Transferring files
"Closing" the USB connection
USB Import
USB Export
CD-R Import/Export
CD-R Backup

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

87% (18)

rag rug weft

rag rug weft

Here is how untidy our process of designing the rag rugs is. We cut the strips, and lay them out to determine sequencing, and then divide them into appropriate, sequential piles, and then change our mind!!!Hahhahhaha. I love this class.
And what a fun bunch of students are in this class.

Lipstick circular rag rug

Lipstick circular rag rug

Circular speckled rag rug made from old t-shirts in pinks/reds/orange

braided rag rug tutorial

braided rag rug tutorial

Class on Demand 2011: Complete Educational Training Tutorial DVD For Avid Studio Video Editing Software

These comprehensive lessons are perfect for those who have already seen the Class on Demand Getting Started training that is included with the Avid Studio software. Delve deeper and take a closer look at the powerful features of Avid Studio - the new editing platform uses technology trusted by Hollywood. Host, Paul Holtz, will help you get the most from your new software. Visit COD for preview. Lessons: 1)Installation 2)Watchfolders: Load Project Files, Watchfolder Setup 3)Creating a SmartMovie 4)Interface Overview: Pulldown Menus, Studio User Interface, Export from Library, Photo Corrections in Library 5)Importing Media: Tape Cameras, File Based Devices and Photo Cameras, DVD and Blu ray Discs, My Computer, Scan for Media, Snapshot, Analog Devices 6)The Library - a deeper look: Organizing Assets, Quick Import, Collections, Creating Tabs, Managing Assets, Right Click Options 7)Basic Editing: Editing Overview, Bucket List Photo Montage, Basic Audio, Using Titles, Pan and Scan Basics, Using Effects, Accessing Corrections 8)Title Editor: Static Titles and Attributes, Motion Titles 9)Montage 10)Audio Editing: Recording Voice-Over, Sound Effects, Audio Corrections and Effects, Surround Sound 11)Advanced Editing: Finishing the Bucket List Edit, BMX Adventure Edit, Modes Options, Trimming, Send to Timeline, Effects Editor, Title Track Mattes, Sound Effects, Slow Motion 12)Disc Authoring: Export to Disc No Menu, Adding a Main Menu, Adding a Scene Selection Menu, Editing a Menu, Burning a Disk 13)Advanced Disc Tips 14)Exporting to Modern Formats and Devices: Web and YouTube, Modern File Formats 15)Red Giant Plug-ins: Knoll Light Factory, Magic Bullet Looks, Particular, Shine, ToonIt, 3D Stroke 16)Professional Tips: Additional Trimming Techniques, Picture in Picture, Crawls and Rolls, HoltzFX, Image Stabilization, Creating Graphical Wipes, Stop Motion Animation, Chroma Key

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