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Cheap revlon makeup : Sarah jessica parker cosmetic surgery.

Cheap Revlon Makeup

cheap revlon makeup

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Late June Lush and Makeup

Late June Lush and Makeup

All the Lush is from Tampa's Grand Opening Party - $51 got me Candy Fluff, Ocean Salt, Tea Tree Water and 1/4 lb. Sexy Peel. With that purchase I got a neat goody bag with a Sexy Peel soap (in smiley face), Hot Milk Bubble Bar, and a Dream Cream Sample. Of course, the great thing about RSVPing for this event was the Grand Opening bomb that might contain a $100 gift card, and a cute little cookie! I got a Sugar Rush bomb for answering a trivia question right.

Meanwhile, International Plaza has some things that I can't get in Orlando: Make Up For Ever at their Sephora and Shu Uemura! I've never tried MUFE, but in the spirit of bright, fun makeup, I got the No. 26 eyeshadow (bright pink). At Shu, I got ME Brown 851 and ME Brown 850, and a couple of samples of their Skin Purifier and Depsea Moisturizer. It's been more than two years since I've been to a Shu counter!

Earlier in the week, I got two shadows from MAC in Fab & Flashy and Wondergrass from the C-Shock collection. Wondergrass is actually very close to a color I already own, so I don't know how long I might hold onto it. I also grabbed a cheap lip brush from BBW and Revlon's Lash Jewels from a drugstore (it was only $3!).

Day 54

Day 54

Just got paid.

Splashed out on some Revlon make-up; the photo ready foundation which has spf20 in it!, some lilac lip gloss, mint nail varnish (which by the way is probably the most amazing colour nail varnish I have ever owned!)

I also got a tiny fragrance set and coconut and almond hair mask from boots (which by the way is the best hair mask I have ever used, better even than the Aussie ones and so much cheaper.)

cheap revlon makeup

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