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How to make a high speed camera : Purple touch screen camera.

How To Make A High Speed Camera

how to make a high speed camera

    speed camera
  • Speed limit enforcement is the action taken by appropriately empowered authorities to check that road vehicles are complying with the speed limit in force on roads and highways.

  • (Speed cameras) A traffic enforcement camera (also road safety camera, road rule camera, photo radar, speed camera, Gatso) is a system, including a camera which may be mounted beside on over a highway or installed in an enforcement vehicle to detect traffic regulation violations, including

  • (Speed Cameras) This layer includes Traffic Calming Speed Camera locations within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Surrounding Area.

    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • (How Toís) Multi-Speed Animations

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How To... SMILE by Yoko Ono

How To... SMILE by Yoko Ono

Still from Film No. 5 by Yoko Ono, 'SMILE' starring John Lennon

**JOIN IN WITH THE SMILING FACE FILM AT minox leica digital camera **

How To... SMILE by Yoko Ono

I told you to smile when you are feeling down.
However, there are steps you should know.
First you go to the mirror and smile to the mirror in anyway you can.
You probably will not feel any different.
Smile a few times that way.
If that is not enough, smile a few times every morning when you see the mirror.
That won't do much, either, right?

Because there is a way to smile and change not only your mood, but make your body healthy and young, and change your life for the better!

1) Smile just by twisting the ends of your mouth up. That doesn't get you anywhere, I bet. But that's a start.

2) Smile with your eyes and mouth. That's better. Your smile will make somebody feel good, maybe. Add a little giggle, and they will either think you're crazy or like you for it.

3) If you really want to smile so it will make yourself feel good as well - you have to smile from your heart and your lungs. Don't worry, if you are ending the smile with a quiet sound like ummm.

4) The next step will make you feel still better. Smile from your solar plexus. This has an added benefit of making your solar plexus healthier, and active.

5) The next step is to smile right down from your stomach. When you do this, make sure to breathe deeply and pull your stomach muscles in as you smile.

6) The next step - yes, there are more steps! - you should smile from your knees. Again, just pull your knees in - as you pull your stomach in - at the same time you use your lungs, heart and solar plexus. You'll see that by then, you are smililng with your whole body. You won't forget to smile with your eyes and mouth at the same time. It will happen anyway. That's how you will get the true benefit of smiling.

How about giving a smile to others? Should we forget that? Don't worry. They'll notice your smile. Only, this time, you'll feel good, too. Very, very good!

I love you! yoko

Yoko Ono
24 July 2009

Smile Piece
by Yoko Ono

Send a smile to your friend so he/she can smile, too. Think of a way to do it. You could send a photo that says 'smile', or a picture, a story, or a piece of pie, but specify that it's a smile you're passing on. Ask him/her to do the same: to pass on the 'smile' in his/her own way.

Film No.5: 'Smile'
Starring: John Lennon
Director: Yoko Ono
Music: John Lennon

John and Yoko's film partnership began as spring became summer in 1968. The first two films they made were shot in a single afternoon in the garden of John's house 'Kenwood' in Weybridge. Their first film was called Number 5, but it has also been known as Smile. A special high-speed camera was used to film John's facial expressions as he stuck out his tongue, wiggled his eyebrows and gave fleeting smiles over 3 minutes. The camera was able to take 20,000 frames per minute, which enabled the film to last 52 minutes. Yoko initially considered making Number 5 four hours long, but this was considered impractical and the finished movie ran for 52 minutes. It premiered at the Chicago Film Festival in 1968

Interview with John Lennon in Rolling Stone 23/11/68:

Do you think Yokoís film of you smiling would work of it were just anyone smiling?
John: Yes, it works with somebody else smiling, but she went through all this. It originally started out that she wanted a million people all over the world to send in a snapshot of themselves smiling, and then it got down to lots of people smiling, and then maybe one or two and then me smiling as a symbol of today smiling-and thatís what I am, whatever that means. And so itís me smiling, and thatís the hang-up, of course, because itís me again. But theyíve got to see it someday-itís only me. I donít mind if people go to the film to see me smiling because it doesnít matter, itís not harmful. The idea of the film wonít really be dug for another fifty or a hundred years probably. Thatís what itís all about. I just happen to be that face.

Itís too bad people canít come down here and individually to see how youíre living.
John: Well, thatís it. I didnít see Ringo and his wife for about a month when I first got together with Yoko, and there were rumors going around about the film and all that. Maureen was saying she really had some strange ideas about where we were at and what we were up to. And there were some strange reactions from all me friends and at Apple about Yoko and me and what we were doing -"Have they gone mad?". But of course it was just us, you know, and if they are puzzled or reacting strangely to us two being together and doing what weíre doing, itís not hard to visualize the rest of the world really having some amazing image.

Yoko: The films SMILE and TWO VIRGIN

War on photography

War on photography

While photographing in the beautiful Patco High Speed Line in Camden, NJ, I was stopped by a Port Authority transit cop. He asked me what I was taking pictures of and why. I explained to him i was doing nothing illegal and volunteered to show him some slow shutter blur shots I had taken of an Eastbound lindenwold train that had passed by. (The operator called me in as a suspicous person to the cops) He saw the photo I showed him, and let me board the Westbound that had just pulled in the station.

As the train crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge, I took a frame of the Phiadelphia skyline and sunset. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the train operator pick up his radio and request any available transit police units meet the train at the next stop (8th & market)

As we were pulling in, the dispatcher radioed to the train to hold in the station and keep the train doors closed. After waiting about a minute, the operator opened the doors and I got off to transfer to the Septa Market line. (does that count as illegal detention? haha) I walked past another Port Authority transit cop who was running toward the train operator in the first car. I stepped onto the escalator, and looked down at the train to see the train operator identifying me to the transit cop. I read his lips and made out the words "suspicious" and "photographer" among others. I kept watching them as i went up the escalator, and the transit cop turned for the escalator. I passed through the fare turnstile and made it onto the Septa platform before the transit cop could make it upstairs.

I'm not sure how suspicious someone with a camera looks, but maybe the transit cops should worry about more pressing issues (like the guy I saw smacking his wife on the City Hall platform)

Photography is not a crime.

how to make a high speed camera

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