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Event Decorating Supplies - Winter Wonderland Decoration Ideas - Decorate Barbie Cake

Event Decorating Supplies

event decorating supplies

  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it

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  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)

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event decorating supplies - Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Polkadots Cupcake Wrappers - Set of 12 - Bakers, Event Planners & Caterers Love Our Liners

Chocolate Brown Polkadots Cupcake Wrappers - Set of 12 - Bakers, Event Planners & Caterers Love Our Liners

The Simply...Wrappers polka dot cupcake wrapper collection includes dozens of color shades and spices up the solid color with fun, colorful polka dots! A must have at any summer get-together, birthday party or girls' night out, these fun designs make any cupcake a little more sassy, adding a stylish flare that won't be found anywhere else!
Choose your favorite color and get baking today!
Cupcake wrappers are not meant for the oven or baking. Please use only for the presentation and decoration of cupcakes.
Meant solely for the presentation of cupcakes and decorative uses only. Cupcake wrappers are not for baking.

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Reformed Church on Staten Island

Reformed Church on Staten Island

Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York City, New York, United States


This Greek Revival style church was erected in 1844 to the designs of Staten Island builder James G. Burger and was enlarged in 1898 with a Colonial Revival Sunday School addition designed by architect Oscar S. Teale. The church's congregation is the oldest in Staten Island and its first church building was erected on this site in 1715. The present church is the congregation's third; it is the oldest church building on the North Shore and one of the oldest churches on Staten Island. The church's graveyard is the oldest non-private cemetery in Staten Island.

The church is one of the few surviving Greek Revival style churches on Staten Island and appears to be the sole remaining example of the distyle-in-antis temple-front church type, which is characterized by its central recessed entrance porch with two free-standing columns and framing enclosed bays, articulated by corner pilasters (antae). An unusually handsome and well-proportioned example of this building type, the basilican-plan church rests on a high stone foundation and is faced with tawny-red brick trimmed with brownstone and wood moldings. Its north and south facades are lit by tall square-headed windows, which contain stained glass by J. & R. Lamb Studios installed in 1906. All three facades are capped by denticulated wood entablatures and the brick pediment over the facade is outlined by wood cornices (preserved beneath vinyl siding). The distinctive wood bell tower is enriched with corner pilasters, paired louvered windows in a molded surround, a denticulated cornice, and a parapet decorated with paired acroteria.

The Early History of Port Richmond and the Reformed Church on Staten Island

Port Richmond is located on the North Shore of Staten Island, adjacent to the Kill van Kull, the strait between Staten Island and Bayonne, New Jersey. There is evidence of Paleo Indian occupation on Staten Island as early as 10,000 B.C. Over time, as the climate changed from post-glacial tundra to coniferous forest to deciduous forest, the island was able to sustain increasingly larger populations. By the Late Woodlands period (AD 900-1600), considerable land had been cleared for horticulture. Staten Island was then occupied by Munsee-speaking members of the Lenape nation. The Munsee supplemented their diets with hunting, gathering, and shellfish collecting. Agriculture allowed them to establish large permanent or semi- permanent base camps and villages that were usually located on well-drained land near streams and coastal waterways. Europeans were slow to colonize Staten Island because of the resistance they faced from the Native Americans on the island. However, in 1660 a peace treaty was reached with the Native Americans. By 1664 there were sufficient settlers that the French on the island requested a preacher from Governor Peter Stuyvesant. The Rev. Samuel Drisius, one of the pastors of the Dutch Church in New Amsterdam, who spoke French as well as Dutch and English, was given permission "to go and preach there every two months and administer the Lord's Supper." At that time the congregation consisted of about twelve or fourteen Dutch and French families from the Palatinate region of Germany. This congregation was the beginning of the Reformed Church on Staten Island.

In 1670, four years after the English takeover of New Amsterdam, the English Governor Francis Lovelace "purchased" Staten Island from the Native Americans, who left the island to move westward. During the next decade the Dutch congregation on Staten Island grew to about 50 members, comprised of about twenty families, many living on the North Shore. Initially the Staten Island congregation was ministered to by the Rev. Casparus Van Zuren, Pastor of Long Island. In 1683, the congregation called its first resident pastor, the Rev. Petrus Tesschenmacker, who had ministered to congregations in Dutch Guiana (1676-78) and Kingston, New York. He settled on an eighty acre farm on the south side of the island and ministered to the French and Dutch on Staten Island until 1686, when he moved to Schenectady.

Following Tesschenmacker's departure, the Rev. Rudolphus van Varick, who resided in Flatbush, held services on Staten Island twice a year from 1686 to 1690. After 1690, the French Huguenots on Staten Island established their own church, which was ministered to by the Rev. David Bonrepos. A Dutch congregation was also organized in Port Richmond in the 1690s by the Rev. Guiliam Bertholf, a minister from New Jersey, who visited Staten Island on a periodic basis.

In addition to receiving these periodic ministerial visits, at the close of the 17th century the Dutch on Staten Island were also served by a lay leader known as a voorlezer who led worship services in which he read "prayers, a passage from the Bible, and a sermon from an approved book." The voorlezer also served as schoolmaster

Design Day with Local artist Antony Muzzall

Design Day with Local artist Antony Muzzall

This is Antony he is both a local artist and a member of our award winning education team.

Antony will be leading our upcoming Design Day on Wednesday 1st June. It's a unique opportunity to be involved in an exciting design workshop where you get to use the archaeological remains and our collection as an inspiration to create works of art.

The Design Day is ideal for children aged 10-14 years and will be a great way to spend a day in half term.

Costs- ?15 per person which includes all the resources and supplies you need. Spaces are limited though so get in touch soon to book your space.

Call us on 01243 789 829 to book

Here is Antony showing off his skills with some fine decorating he did in one of our education rooms.

event decorating supplies

event decorating supplies

Reversible Circus Fireworks & Yellow Picnic Cupcake Wrappers - Set of 12 - Fun Cup Cake Supplies

This fashionable, reversible cupcake wrapper from our Designer Cupcake Wrapper collection incorporates two amazing prints wrapped up in one cupcake wrapper! These wrappers offer a high-end, luxurious design without the expensive price tag. Display just one or both of the designs around your cupcakes for an elegance in pastry that is not easily matched. Choose your favorite print and get baking today!
Note: To adhere to the antique and vintage styles, each wrapper design may differ slightly.
Meant solely for the presentation of cupcakes and decorative uses only. Cupcake wrappers are not for baking.

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