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How to decorate a purple room : Religious garden decor.

How To Decorate A Purple Room

how to decorate a purple room

  • award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"

  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc

  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it

  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)

  • make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"

  • deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"

    how to
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  • Providing detailed and practical advice

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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • a purple color or pigment

  • of a color intermediate between red and blue

  • A crimson dye obtained from some mollusks, formerly used for fabric worn by an emperor or senior magistrate in ancient Rome or Byzantium

  • A color intermediate between red and blue

  • Purple clothing or material

  • empurpled: excessively elaborate or showily expressed; "a writer of empurpled literature"; "many purple passages"; "an over-embellished story of the fish that got away"

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141. Visit a farm

141. Visit a farm

The day of the wedding reception.
Tried to wake up early but failed and ended up waking up about a half hour before we had to head out. The place they had the reception was amazing. <- Im putting that more for me than for u :) It was someones house which blew my mind cause this place is HUGE and just plain breath taking. The first think I noticed tho was there were cows in the back! Cows! So I dragged mama out there so I could go take pictures. There were 2 cows, one older one younger and a bull, he looked pretty young. I got some good pictures, its something Iv been wanting to do. Now I just have to get some long horn shots and then Ill be pretty darn happy for a while lol. I want to get a cow. I asked mom if I could get a cow and she said "You dont live with me anymore, you can get a monkey if you want." and I replied "Great answer mom." But Ryan said no cow, hes no fun lol.
Mom and I went to subway and she ended up giving me some anxiety pill that made me really tired and just didnt affect me quite right so I ended up going to sleep in the back seat while I went...some where... with Cody and Chad, and I got yelled at a lot for not taking pictures of them setting up but I had left the camera with mom. When I went back in the place looked great, it was around 3 I think. So I went in and started taking pictures and got ready. While I was getting ready I found a tiny little lizard skeleton! Its so awesome, I kept it lol I know Im weird.
After awhile people started to show up. It was a tad awkward at first but I just kept taking pictures. It took forever but I eventually found someone to give me the address of the place for Ryan lol I had to ask soo many people. I was so happy when he showed up :) it had been days.. like 2 I think, since I had seen him but it was far too long lol. He met my mom and step dad and had his 2nd, n far better, meeting with Kat n Cody. I cant remember what we did before food but we ate, I tried Shawns vegan food, it was pretty good but Ryans garlic potatoes were better lol I stole from his plate thats what made them his.
We ended up making friends with Kats god kids, mainly Elizabeth. We ran around and played with them a lot, pushed them on the big tire swings, I danced with them. It was fun, they really helped me feel more comfortable. I always make friends with the kids. And so does Ryan, thats something I really like about him. I like to run around and laugh and play, who needs to be an stuffy adult and sit and conversate and drink, borrrriingggg lol. They were fun kids. The maid of honors 2 little girls were awfully cute too but they didnt really warm up to me. Elizabeth called Ryan Zombie dude lol. She let me take a million pictures of her and posed for me everytime. And Ryan gave me his agents card so now Im gonna know a model and an actor lol I told Elizabeth to come to me when she wanted pictures done, Ill make her a portfolio :) I was talkin to Ryan about how when he becomes famous he would probably trade me in, cause Im way too much of a klutz to be good arm candy but he can come to me for pictures too :P lol. I got their mom, Sheree's, number so we could all hang out again :)
Music started, Shawn was the dj. Kat and Cody had their first dance and I was holding back tears the hold time. Not only because my brother was dancing at all but because hes married, because hes come so far and Im happy for him. We have our differences like every family does but he raised me and I love him so much and Im always gonna be by his side, through it all, cause thats what family does. I took a few pictures of everyone dancing before Elizabeth pulled me out on the floor, Ryan wouldnt dance with us. But later in the night we went into the other room and we danced to Bohemian Rhapsody while he sang :) Gosh hes the best, the very best, I wouldnt trade him for the world. I was dancing around most of the night, I guess you could call it the wedding high but it was fun lol.
The cake was good. The wedding cake was pretty traditional 3 teir cake. Codys grooms cake was a ps3 :) pretty rad. Ellen decorated the cakes. The ps3 cake was chocolate and definatly my favorite.
Kat tossed the buquet, one of her friends caught it. Cody tossed the garder but Ryan refused to participate lol I guess he was afraid hed catch it and end up stuck with me lol just like the napkins said Eat Drink and Be Married and he says "but I dont wanna be married." like jeez Ryan :P lol.
People started to leave, others started to clean up, by then my side of the family was pretty drunk. They had a special purple drink there and Cody said he had 6 drinks lol and mom was pretty toasted and Chad drank like half the keg. They were all gonna go back to the hotel for a while so Ryan and I went back to the house in Cove. I had picked up my Cake and Sublime CD so we listened to that, he didnt know Stickshifts and Safetlybelts or Sad songs and Waltzes! It was so nice spending time wi

Tagged! You Got Me!

Tagged! You Got Me!

I was tagged by lOuOs, vintagemimosa, and Nomoir. You got me! So, here are 25 (twenty five?!!) things about me:

1. The butterfly and the dragon are my Sacred Power Animals;

2. I am addicted to tea and green tea;

3. I had the most wonderful childhood filled with love, unconditional love, care, hugs, laughter, respect, fun, joy, friendship, creativity, and encouragement from my late, oh so loved parents and maternal grandparents and my sister, who is still and always will be my bestest most treasured palereeno. A true Grace was bestowed upon me when I was born to be with these people;

4. I am very open person. I wish I could be more secretive. I love the TV show, Amazing Grace. In one of the ads for the show, the character Grace says, “I want to be the mystery in the room.” Well, so do I. But, sadly, I am not. Sigh…;

5. I love fashion, fashion, fashion. A dear friend of mine nicknamed me Marsha de la M. Ha!

6. I love to speak in public and have no fear at all, but hate to perform in public. I love to dance by myself for hours;

7. I abhor any kind of animal testing or animal abuse. I am an active animal rights worker, totally non violent. I am working to eliminate any kind of animal testing on any animal forever, as well as working to stop animal abuse;

8. I can open one of those big jars of pickles on the first turn. I once worked for a company and two men in my department doubted me and challenged me to do just that in a contest with them! They didn’t believe I could do it due to my size (I am 5’10” and 118lbs). So, the three of us had a face off contest. Each of us was given 5 new unopened big pickle jars. When the head of our department said go, I opened my jars, one right after the other, in about 6-7 seconds. The two big “strong” men could only open three each…slowly. So, I opened both of their two remaining pickle jars for them;

9. I will not abide any injustice of any kind. As several of my heroes (MLK, A. Lincoln, Elie Wiesel, and Gandhi) said in their own words, and I agree, no injustice is too small to be ignored, not acknowledged or attempts made to rectify it;

10. I am very affected by my surroundings;

11. I love morning. I love to watch and feel everything in nature waking up and greeting the new happy to be alive;

12. I love the rain, fog, myste, woods, and the smell of freshly mowed grass, worms, and the dark rich soil of Connecticut;

13. I hate wool. I cannot wear it or even look at it without itching. I love silk, satin, and cotton;

14. I am teaching myself the harmonica. I was never successful with wind instruments, so, this should be an interesting experience. My goal is to one day play, “Like a Rolling Stone”;

15. I have a rich deep and vivid imagination, a great sense of humor, am a vegetarian, love purple, and have no patience;

16. My late dearly loved Grandfather loved cartography. He, my sister, and I would sit together for hours in his private library with maps spread out in front of us. He would teach us about reading maps, but the real magic, enchantment, joy, and specialness of those times together were more than the maps. In fact, they had little to do with them. My Grandfather would tell us all about his life, his time with his parents, his photography his youth, how he met and fell in love with our beloved Grandmother, about our treasured Mother when she was little, and all that kind of wondrous stuff. I can still smell his special blend of pipe tobacco with a note of cherry;

17. I love all things French. Miss Paris. Plan to live in France forever;

18. Sailing and boating are “big” in my family. I hate it. I hate being out on the open ocean far from land. I have always had a horrible fear or terror of sharks. Plus, that endless ocean stretching for miles and miles in all directions is horrifying. But, I do love the beach and could spend all day walking, running, playing, looking for shells, etc. in the rain or shine;

19. I love stuff: jewelry, dolls, miniatures, books, pens, antiques, silver, boxes, ink, seals, wax, toys, stuffed animals, shoes, miniatures … and lots more. My list goes on and on. My sister calls me a crow because I am attracted to shiny things;

20. I believe in Universal Law;

21. I love to swim naked;

22. I love to garden and have created a beautiful backyard out of the nightmare that existed when we bought the house. It is not finished, but it never will be. That is the wonderful thing about gardening. It goes on forever and is constantly changing. To me, my backyard feels like the Enchanted Woods or an enchanted garden. Plus, within it are so many treasured memories of my Cody;

23. I hate to cook and never ever do. I have never made a pie in my life and never will. I consider my kitchen a place to decorate and make tea;

24. I love knowledge and can’t get enough fast enough. The deeper the subject matter, the greater my interest. I love to read real books and can’t read fast enough. I realize I will not be able to read

how to decorate a purple room

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