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Find Hotels In

find hotels in

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Androy Hotel

Androy Hotel

It is difficult for me to explain anything about the Iron Range of Minnesota. I'm from MN, but I hadn't visited the Iron Range until last year. Oh sure, I'd been to the North Shore of Lake Superior. Everyone goes there and loves it, but at this point in time, it's hard to love or even acknowledge the Range. It was not always this way. The Range had numerous boomtowns, built rapidly from nothing when vast deposits of iron ore were discovered in the late 19th century and developed early in the 20th. Money flowed everywhere, and grand buildings were built -- the fanciest hotels, the nicest schools, grand homes, etc. But do mining booms ever last? Of course not. The range has had many ups and downs, and I imagine the Androy has as well. Regardless of all that, I'm glad to see the sign still around. It's pretty cool.

Cottle Hotel, Paducah, Texas

Cottle Hotel, Paducah, Texas

This is the long abandoned Cottle Hotel in Paducah, Texas. It is located on the north east side of the courthouse square in "downtown". I couldn't find much info on the Cottle, except that it was built in 1929 and opened in 1930. I have to say this has probably been my favorite abandoned hotel to photograph so far, and I have photographed the famous Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells and later on in this trip I photographed the abandoned hotel in Plainview. There was just something about this place that was really cool. Maybe because it's surrounded by like 10 other abandoned buildings.

find hotels in

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