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Personalized Cabin Decor

personalized cabin decor

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  • a small house built of wood; usually in a wooded area

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  • confine to a small space, such as a cabin

  • small room on a ship or boat where people sleep

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personalized cabin decor - Personalized Trout

Personalized Trout Cabin Series Frame

Personalized Trout Cabin Series Frame

Our Cabin Series Picture Frames are the perfect way to display your favorite pictures taken at your favorite get-away spot ? whether it be the lake, the mountains, or the hunting shack in the woods. Wood-toned with a rustic look, the frames are available in nine outdoor themed designs and feature name, location and established date. Trimmed in black, the frames will make a great addition to any d?cor. Frame measures 8? x 10 3-4? and holds a 4? x 6? picture. . Images include Labrador, Loon, Moose, Spruce, Stag, Trout, Walleye, White Oak and Wood Duck. Personalize name and location lines with up to 20 characters per line. Enter name punctuation as desired. Once you place your order, please e-mail us your design choice.

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Old cabin, I'm not sure when it was built, but it was relocated to this spot on the banks of the Caney Fork Creek in Williamson County in 1974

Cabin view 737 - 300

Cabin view 737 - 300

Cabin view of the 737 - 300 when parked at Gardermoen airport. Look at the crew preparing the seat for flight.

personalized cabin decor

personalized cabin decor

The Cabin Book

The cabin is perhaps the most iconic of American structures, harkening back to colonial and pioneer days. They recall a time before cell phones and email, evoking images of cozy fireplaces and quiet contemplation. For many, the cabin also summons forth images of logs and plaid, plank floors and lofted beds. The Cabin Book offers a wonderful variety of forms and explores the most innovative designs in cabin architecture. Once rustic and simple, the cabin is now comfortable and chic, putting owners in the heart of the wilderness while providing comfort and beauty so they can get away in style.
Among the 25 cabins included is a little-known Wisconsin cabin designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; an upstate Michigan log cabin designed by renowned architect Anthony Belluschi; and a one-room "urban" cabin in Portland, Oregon. One couple designed a cabin-all on one floor-without the use of right angles. Whether ensconced in glass or surrounded by an enormous porch, these cabins speak of personal style, perfect for the red or the sybaritic.
Like cottages, the cabin is one of the most popular house styles, since it is small enough to be inexpensive and easy to maintain. Everyone dreams of an idyllic retreat, and this book showcases its best examples.

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