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Tiki Hut Decor

tiki hut decor

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

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  • A large wooden or small greenstone image of a human figure

  • Tiki refers to large wood and stone carvings of humanoid forms in Central Eastern Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean. The term is also used as it relates to Maori mythology where Tiki is the first man.

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  • Provide with huts

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tiki hut decor - Tiki Road

Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Culture in North America

Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Culture in North America

This completely updated and expanded guide to tiki culture in North America and abroad lists, describes, and reviews every known tiki bar, Polynesian restaurant, and other site of interest to fans of ?Polynesian Pop.” From tiki godfathers such as Edgar Leeteg and Don the Beachcomber to contemporary tiki artists like Shag and Bosko, this resource covers all things tiki in prose that is witty, entertaining, and essential for anyone who has ever stepped up to a bar, glanced up at the pufferfish hanging from the ceiling, and ordered a Singapore Sling. An expanded offering of recipes for classic cocktails, a larger glossary of tiki terms, and more resources for buying tiki goods and artifacts are included in this revised edition. Reminiscences of famous points of interest that have closed are provided for the completist, for historical perspective, and for those seeking information on the current status of a favorite tiki site.

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Don the Beachcomber Sahara Las Vegas

Don the Beachcomber Sahara Las Vegas

Back of postcard reads:

Hotel SAHARA Las Vegas

"The same exotic Cantonese food and original Rum drinks made famous by Don the Beachcomber in Hollywood, Palm Springs, St. Paul and Chicago, are featured at Hotel Sahara's Don the Beachcomber's world famous Polynesian restaurant. Blending Modern Decor with the charm depicted in graceful Murals, individual dining huts, interior fountain and a Terrace overlooking the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Host to: 'Diplomat and Beachcomber, Prince and Pirate.' Dancing nightly."

Tiki Hut birdhouse

Tiki Hut birdhouse

Any self-respecting bird would love to set up house in this tropical hut. It is 8" high and 4" in diameter. Both the roof and the walls were thrown on the potter's wheel then joined and fired. The glaze is Poo Bear for the walls and Java Bean for the roof.

tiki hut decor

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