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Where can i find a Malaysia National Team Jersey?

Where can i find a Malaysia National Team Jersey?

Im trying to buy a malaysian national team jersey. However i've checked the national teams website, and nothing. I've also checked allot of online soccer stores and no luck so far. I even checked with NIKE, they use to sponsor them, and they couldn't give me an answer.

try it, free shipping and price cheap, i think you can choose your favorites

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Where to find a cheap authentic jersey?

Where to find a Wholesale NFL Nike NFL Jerseys?

So I was wondering if u guys knew where I can find an authentic David freese home jersey for less than $150? I'm not even sure if that's possible because usually they r $300. Even if u find one fore less than $200 that wud be great! Thank yaa!

Look at, outstanding prices and the are authentic. I got a Molina jersey from there for my birthday, its awesome! It was $42 plus shipping. I'm ordering another one from there soon. Shipping takes around 7-10 days. I hope this helps!

Thank you! I'll definetley check out that site

Where online can I still get authentic or Nike Elite NFL Jerseys cheap ?

I want to get a authentic or premiere reeboks patriots jersey online but I don't know where to buy them because the NFL shop no longer sells them. Anybody now where I can find some?

Personally, I would not recommend getting your Discount NFL Jerseys usa online. Besides, you should be able to find some at your local Kohl's, or sporting good store, at a much cheaper price :)

You could try to get it from reputable online sites such as Amazon.

Since there are many merchants in Amazon today, you can ensure that you get original items by reading the seller's description or by only purchasing items that have the signs:
"Sold and Shopped by Amazon" or
"Fulfilled by Amazon"

You can try the team shop, Amazon or EBay.... Good luck...

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Is Ł50 cheap for a new Football top with numbering and lettering ?

Is Ł50 cheap for a new Football top with numbering and lettering ?

Also do jjbsports order to the channel islands (guersney, jersey) ?

Yes it is. I bought mine for Ł75 and that was the cheapest I could find compared to the 80 and 90 pound ones I found.

And yes I think that jjb sports do post to the Channel Islands.

Hope this helps :)

Is Elizabeth New Jersey a nice place to live with kids?

I am moving from Houston, Texas and won't really get the chance to check it out in person. The rents look cheap, and overall the town looks nice. Plus, there is public pre-k and the schools look consistently good. Am I on target here? Is the whole town nice, or are there some parts that wouldn't be so good for kids? I need to commute to NYC for work...Thanks!

I wouldn't recommend Elizabeth, especially for someone bringing kids here.
To sum it up "you get what you pay for".
Its one thing if you are a strling young person and don't mind a grungy higher-crime area until you can get on your feet and move out, but if you have kids - DON'T DO IT!

Elizabeth NJ is not the best place in North Jersey to move to. Yes there are some parts that are not all that good, but its not all bad. I mean its like that everywhere.
Are you out of your mind? Rents are cheap for a reason. Move to Long Island for good schools and neighborhoods.
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