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Cheap Flowers Delivered Today

cheap flowers delivered today

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Twas Christmas Eve on the market

Twas Christmas Eve on the market

"Real Photograph" Post Card. Published by Jarrolds in the "Jarrolds Series".
Rather surreal Christmas Card. Taken from much the same view point as one of Miss Ida Kemp's later photographs. (Probably first or second floor of Jarrolds Department Store.) One major difference with the 1930s photograph is that there is another building next to the Sir Garnet Wolsey another is that the market stalls do not yet seem to have their signature striped awnings.

This is an earlier photograph though I would not dare be more specific than pre-1915.
"Viewing large" or examing the original through a magnifying glass reveals that the Sir Garnet Wolsey was tied to Youngs, Crawshaw and Youngs Brewery and that the (now demolished) buildings at the back of the market included The (Market?) Tavern, the offices of The Royal Exchange and the Great Western Enquiry Office. Social detail include a Policeman pushing his way through the crowds and a horse and cart delivering vegetables. The Stall nearest the camera (roughly where the flower stall is today) is named as Alf Read, Fruiterer & Confectioner. Tramstall

With hands outstretched to greet thee
Across the boundless sea
This hope sincere I fain would say
All joy be yours this Christmas Day.

The verse at the bottom with its line "With hands outstretched to greet thee, Across the boundless sea" may be a reference to the fact that postcards were the cheapest way of sending messages to those abroad or it may be a reference to the fact that special facilities were made for sending postcards to the troops in World War I - they were easier to transport and to censor.



Today I've been thinking a lot
And reading a bit, and what would you know...
I think things are finally falling in place.

I'm just so impatient. Teach me to to wait.

cheap flowers delivered today

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