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Silver Make Up Bag - Korean Eye Make Up - Pro Makeup Brush Set.

Silver Make Up Bag

silver make up bag

    make up
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silver make up bag - Personalized Make-up

Personalized Make-up Bag Set - Silver

Personalized Make-up Bag Set - Silver

Who doesn't love a little sparkle in their life? Our Glitter Glam! Personalized 2pc Cosmetic Set will be custom embroidered with any single initial monogram in your choice of15 thread colors on 2 bags for a signature storage solution.Perfect for organizing cosmetics, toiletries, make-up and more.Makes a great gift for college students and birthdays embroidered with their favorite color or bridesmaids embroidered with your wedding color! Quality constructed of microfiber and with glamorous shiny, silver glitter finish; sure to make a statement! Large bag measures 10"L x 5.5"H, small bag measures 6"L x 4"H. Zipper closure. Go Glam!

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Cosmetic Smudging

Cosmetic Smudging

I used only the contents of my make-up bag to make this- foundations, concealers, powders, cream blush, mascara & lipstick as well a silver eyeliner, which doesn't show in the photo- the inky blotches are from my bottle of Benetint....I collaged in a mouth and eye- they seemed to fit and the word Glam- albeit meant slightly ironically.

what's in my bag

what's in my bag

As you can see I'm a girly girl...and designer addict
The David mini-notebook (bought in italy at the museum where the David is kept)
Nars blush in orgasm and lipgloss- - sephora lip cream and powder - clinique concealer- anastasia eyebrow kit

silver make up bag

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