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Folding sewing cutting table : Round dining table drop leaf : Blue dining room table.

Folding Sewing Cutting Table

folding sewing cutting table

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folding sewing cutting table - Arrow Model

Arrow Model 98602 Cutting Table With Free Pinnable Cutting Mat Included

Arrow Model 98602 Cutting Table With Free Pinnable Cutting Mat Included

The Model 98602 Cutting Table is a perfect accessory for any craft room. Use the table for cutting perfect lengths of fabric. The grass green tabletop features a tape measure on the front and perfectly symmetrical white lines on the top surface for making straight cuts. The table can double as a craft surface for all sorts of projects like scrap booking, modeling, and gift-wrapping or grab a stool and place your sewing machine on the table to create a large sewing surface. When your projects are complete the table's leaves fold down to create a compact unit that can be stored out of the way. Model 98602 Features: When fully open the table stands 59-1/4"" wide ? 36" deep ? 32-5/16" high When closed the table stands 14-5/16"? wide x 36"? deep x 32-5/16 high Cheerful Grass Green top with Honey Oak base Assembly's a snap! Requires a standard screwdriver, wrench and mallet. Includes easy-to-follow instructions, plus a friendly toll-free help number. Additional Images Manufacturer's Warranty:1 Year Replacement on Defective or Missing Parts Please note: A rotary cutter should not be used on the tabletop surface. To protect top surface the cutting mat should be used at all time when using a rotary cutter.

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Whimsical Workspaces, Day 2 Journal

Whimsical Workspaces, Day 2 Journal

Area 1, and not a moment too soon.

I can't believe I forgot that huge cutting table has drop leaves, and folds up like an accordian to about the size of a small bookcase. It even has wheels and rolls around like a dream. It's been stuck as a sorting station for so long.

The clear boxes with the blue handles are known to my family, friends and coworkers as "Andrea's Happy Boxes". When I start a project, it goes into its own Happy Box so I can grab it and work on it in spare moments without digging through stuff. Well, in theory, anyway. It was working well until I brought home the stuff from my storage unit and then things went haywire. When I get the closets cleared out, all my Happy Boxes will have a home. When I get that bookcase full of non-crafting books out of the room (Area 4), I can slide my wonderful collapsible cutting table right up in that corner. Holy moley!

On the right track now, though! On to Area 2 -- I have hours and hours left on my day off and Area 2 is not nearly as bad as Area 1.

Journal Assignment - Small list of small projects:
1) Finish sewing Dad's shirt into a hot water bottle jacket
2) Empty blue bins downstairs to use to pack Mom and Dad's clothes
3) Figure out how to store my sewing machine in Mom's sewing machine cabinet
4) Find new home for bookcase in Area 4
5) Hook up DVD player to TV
6) Clean carpet
7) Fix and Recover armchair
8) Put up new wall art

The design / studio

The design / studio

A desk with plenty of space for the serger & my sewing machine. This is the cleanest you'll ever see it!

Behind, fabulous & affordable storage from Ikea where fabrics, ribbons, trims and other supplies are kept. On top: over-flow.

The cutting table folds up neatly and is currently stacked high with pre-cut yoga mat bags & market bags awaiting completion.

Above the cutting table: peg board where bags are displayed when complete.

Back wall has hardware storage bins from our local Home-Depot used for all the hardware pieces I keep in stock to use on the collars, leashes & bags.

folding sewing cutting table

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