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Transmission Floor Jack

transmission floor jack

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transmission floor jack - ATD ATD-7435

ATD ATD-7435 1/2 Ton Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Floor Style Transmission Jack

ATD ATD-7435 1/2 Ton Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Floor Style Transmission Jack

This high quality ATD transmission jack features an adjustable head that can be tilted forward, backward and side to side for optimum alignment of transmission bolt patterns and pins. The hydraulic system is protected from internal damage by a patented bypass mechanism and the load-restraining chain is vital for raising and lowering safely. The red steel wheels and full swivel ball bearing casters allow for easy movement when positioning the jack. Also features, user-friendly 360 degree rotating pumping socket for the maximum in directional operation.

84% (14)

Replacing the Drive Axle

Replacing the Drive Axle

The CV joints and drive axle went out on my artcar in Alpine and I had to scramble to get it fixed.

It was really lucky how it all worked out. After driving 600 miles to get from Houston to Alpine the car decided to breakdown about 50 feet from the parking lot where we were supposed to be on display later that evening.

Being in a such a small town so remotely located, my first concern was getting a replacement part. Alpine has two auto parts stores. I called the first one and they said they could get me the part the following Tuesday. That caused me a bit of concern, but then I called the other store and they said they could get the part the following morning. *phew*

I only carry a rudimentary set of tools with me and I was worried that I wouldn't have the tools to take on such a big job. Right off the bat I ran into an obstacle which required what Ben Gibson confirmed to me was a 30mm socket.

Fortunately I met Frannie, who you might say is what passed for a socialite in Alpine Texas. She knew everybody and wanted to help. So she drove me down to the Lube Shop of her friend Joe and asked him if he could help. He loaned me the tools I needed to get the job done and also provided a fair bit of expertise on the subject of replacing axles. Thanks Frannie and Joe.

I actually couldn't have broken down in a better spot if I were in Houston because within a couple of hours my friends started showing up and everyone wanted to help. I got everything taken apart easy enough, but ran into an obstacle getting the axle shaft to come out of the transmission. We pryed and banged on it for a long time. Finally Robert Blue came up with the idea of wrapping wire around the axle and attaching the other end to a hammer and he was able to jerk it right out. Thanks Robert.

The next morning I picked up the part and installed it without too much trouble. Well I had a little bit of trouble stabbing the axle into the transmission. After about 10 minutes of futility I took a break. I got on the phone with Joe to ask him what I was doing wrong and before I could even ask him the question Bill Elliot tried his luck and bloop, stuck it right in there. Thanks Bill, I guess I just wasn't holding my lip right.

This photo was taken a few minutes later while I was putting everything back together. I got it up and rolling with just enough time to go clean up and change my clothes and get back to the parade line up.

Thanks to all who helped me. In addition to those already named, thanks to Dave Major for your helpful advice, to Doc for loaning me your floor jack, to Cary for giving me a ride home when I was stranded.

Piece of Shit Jack

Piece of Shit Jack

I bought a transmission jack from this place that sells all these cheap chinese import tools. That should have been a warning, I know.

But none the less, I bought it. We got the transmission on it and started lowering it ... Then we saw these little metal balls all over the floor? WTF are these? Kinda look like ball bearings. OH SHIT. Yeah, it broke. It tipped, it started to fall. So I layed on my back and held it up while my buddy was able to swap jacks and we jimmy rigged it in place for the night. The next day I went and rented a real transmission jack.

What a POS.

transmission floor jack

transmission floor jack

Omega 43000 1-1/2 Ton Transmission Jack, Floor


* The adjustable head can be tilted forward, backward and side to side for optimum alignment of transmission bolt patterns and pins
* Hydraulic system is protected from internal damage by a patented by-pass mechanism
* Red steel wheels and full swivel ball bearing casters
* U.S. Patented built-in by-pass device protects hydraulic system from overpumping damage
* Multi-adjustment knobs ensure that transmission cradle is always at the right angle to position and accept any load
* Load-restraining chain is vital for raising and lowering safety
* Four wheel casters allow easy movement, positioning of transmission jack


* Capacity: 1-1/2 Ton
* Minimum Height: 7-7/8-Inches
* Maximum Height: 37-1/4-Inches
* Handle Length: 29-1/2-Inches
* Saddle Base: 15-1/2 x 13-1/4-Inches
* Extended Saddle Area: 24-7/8 x 19-Inches
* Jack Size (L x W): 46-3/4 x 25-5/8-Inches
* Weight: 377-Pounds

What's In The Box:

* Omega 43000 1-1/2 Ton Transmission Jack, Floor

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