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Period of water restrictions

This means the homeowner's sprinkler system needs to be set properly, according to city schedules, and must be operating in top notch condition. And speaking of driveways, sprinkler heads should be checked to make sure water isn't running into the street, sidewalks, or driveways, wasting precious water and missing the lawn entirely. In business since 2005, Top Notch focuses strictly on maintaining residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems--from spray heads, spray nozzles, irrigation valves, pipe breaks, controller problems, and water scheduling set-up. Look for brown spots on the lawn, which could mean that the sprinkler zone is not correct or the sprinkler is not covering the area properly. All of the yard's sprinkler heads should be working properly--popping up above the grass to spray efficiently and out of the way of landscaping, which should be trimmed or pruned to prevent blocking the spray of water. Sprinkler or pipe leaks drain water away from the target areas and should be repaired so that the lawn, not the driveway, is being watered. For more information, visit them on the web at ."

Keeping the sprinkler system in good working condition is good for water conservation and good for the grass. Thankfully, the worst of the drought ended, but continued low levels of water in lakes and reservoirs have kept cities like Austin on a water conservation plan. Top Notch Irrigation serves Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Wells Branch, Georgetown, Leander, Hutto, Pflugerville, Avery Ranch, Eagle Ridge, and Windemere. Top Notch Irrigation of Austin offers some great tips for getting the most from sprinkler systems during Stage 1 water restrictions: "Sprinkler systems must work properly in order to maximize watering while under these restrictive schedules.

Maintenance, according to Top Notch, is the critical component to keeping dry lawns and gardens well watered, even during a period of water restrictions.

To make sure sprinkler systems are in good working order, Top Notch Irrigation is the expert to call when it comes to watering efficiency, controller set-up and installation, system tune-ups, head and nozzle replacement, valve repair, and wire break repair. To avoid fines during water restriction periods, the sprinkler China Foot Valves system's controller box should be set according to the times and days required by the city's conservation rules. Austin, TX - Central Texas experienced blistering temperatures and serious drought last summer, causing most communities to adopt some form of water rationing.

For homeowners who are trying to maintain at least a modicum of curb appeal, Top Notch says that following a couple of steps will help maintain watering efficiency while keeping plants alive.

Top Notch Irrigation Repair Sprinkler Repair Georgetown - Top Notch Irrigation of Austin provides sprinkler system installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair throughout Central Texas. As one satisfied customer says, "Top Notch Irrigation Repair is the best there is when you need sprinkler repair service. And they should know.

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