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Choose the right length

Our PVC has undergone government testing for fire, water penetration and UV light resistance.

All of the ranges of marquees from Extreme Marquees are made from quality aluminum, from frames to their connectors. The custom printing services of the company is available in all ranges that include gazebos, marquees, banners and canopies. It also offers a range of inflatable marquees that can be manufactured glued, sewn and thermal welded. "

Extreme Marquees takes pride of its popular folding marquees that offer flexibility and convenience for any occasions as they can be taken erected within 60 seconds. The company said, "We can provide a high quality full colour print on all roof, valance and wall panels for a complete personalisation of your new marquee. Our certificates can be viewed on our "5 year warranty page". Australian-owned marquee manufacturer Extreme Marquees has been proud for being the provider of the biggest range of marquees in the country and on the international market. This grade of PVC is one of the thickest on the market and is often used in larger tents and marquees (e. circus tent or clear span marquee).extrememarquees.

Extreme Marquees has built a reputation as the top supplier of marquees in any parts of Australia. All of these marquees are made suitable with patented pending safety valve and welded with German technology. The company offers ranges that include custom printed marquees, folding marquees, inflatable marquees, pavilion marquees, crest range event marquees, outdoor banners, dome tents, pinnacle range event marquees and star shade marquees. Extreme Marquees offers 8 standard marquee colours for the summit range and 6 colours for the K2 and Explorer Ranges. We can also UPVC Union Company in China custom print any colour desired. According to the company, "The marquee leg cross sections range from 30mm to 40mm Extreme Marquees Summit Range canopies and walls are manufactured using 580gsm PVC. This offer allows customers to choose the right length for their marquees that will fit their particular function and
As the company is expert in manufacturing and printing marquees that fit for any event, it has come with a collection of huge scale event marquee tents and pop up canopies." The company added that their marquees are available in prices that range that starts from $595.

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