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20.10.2011., četvrtak


Floral print sundress : American floral service : Cake decorating flowers

Floral Print Sundress

floral print sundress

  • A light, loose, sleeveless dress, typically having a wide neckline and thin shoulder straps

  • a light loose sleeveless summer dress with a wide neckline and thin shoulder straps that expose the arms and shoulders

  • A sundress, intended for summer wear, is an informal dress of any shape in a lightweight fabric, most commonly cotton. The dress is intended to be worn without a layering top, and the design must therefore cut a balance between modesty and sun exposure.

  • Of flowers

  • of or relating to the plant life in a particular region; "characteristic alpine floral elements"

  • Decorated with or depicting flowers

  • relating to or associated with flowers; "floral organs"

  • Of flora or floras

  • resembling or made of or sestive of flowers; "an unusual floral design"

  • A newspaper or magazine

  • put into print; "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce"; "These news should not be printed"

  • a picture or design printed from an engraving

  • The text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication, esp. with reference to its size, form, or style

  • the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication; "I want to see it in print"

  • The state of being available in published form

floral print sundress - Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley Baby Girls Pink Floral Print Smocked Sundress-12 Months

Laura Ashley Baby Girls Pink Floral Print Smocked Sundress-12 Months

This adorable Laura Ashley Baby Girls Pink Floral Print Smocked Sundress is perfect for your little infant girl or baby girl. The baby girls dress is from Laura Ashley Girls Clothing. This cute Laura Ashley infant girls dress features a delicate pink floral print on light weight cotton. The bodice of the short sleeve girls dress features gentle smocking. A three button back closes the baby girls sundress and finishes in the back with a tie bow. Included is the floral print diaper cover to complete the baby girls dress.

82% (15)

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

Jill Alexander visits with her woodland friends.

- SB-600 camera right @ M 1/16 power, 24mm zoom, diffused w/ Stofen
- SB-600 behind the tree @ M 1/32 power, 50mm zoom, bare, for backlight / lens flare
- Circular polarizer to enhance saturation and cut down glare from glass
- Minor PS retouching/color correction

Ruffled Babydoll Dress Cotton Floral Print Appliqued Sundress

Ruffled Babydoll Dress Cotton Floral Print Appliqued Sundress

Ruffled cotton floral print babydoll dress, with appliques, made from vintage cotton salvaged from a 1930s - 40s depression era "flour sack print" day dress. Dress is embellished with handmade rose appliques from a vintage table cloth and pretty rolled fabric roses.

floral print sundress

floral print sundress

FOSolidJerseyI-7931 Comfortable Jersey Feel Solid Color Smocked Bodice String Halter Maxi / Long Dress - Black / Large

Trendy fashion maxi dress featuring gorgeous solid colors, a smocked bust and a string halter neckline. Works great as a summer dress or could be dressed up for a summer date. Please refer to sizing measurements to ensure the proper fit.
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