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Pick up flower girl dress - Bird of paradise flower - Flower shop in sydney.

Pick Up Flower Girl Dress

pick up flower girl dress

    flower girl
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    pick up
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flower girl dress

flower girl dress

With some $2 clearance fabric I picked up, I sewed this dress from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing yesterday.

I added buttons to the back to make it easier to take on and off (I think maybe I will add buttons to the front too for decoration). I also added a tuck in the front to keep the straps from sliding down her shoulders. I made the bodice a bit bigger than the pattern and it fits her almost 3 year old body just right!

Easy and fun to make, not so easy to photograph on a wiggly toddler on a sunny afternoon.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

We were in the tulip field and my model was looking down and was about to pick up a flower, instead she looks up at me and the wind began to pick up. Her hair fell perfectly and it gives an innocent feel. Tell me if you love it :)

pick up flower girl dress

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